So i just had an idea

What if 4.0 you had to pay to be able to host a server, like you buy a pass and you can host 1 server, buy another and get 2 and so on. This would provide another good amount of income for Nelson. Tell me what you guys think. Also I mean host a server as in after you pay for it, a menu will show up once your in-game asking if you want to setup the server now or later, and once you start working on it, it will allow you to choose the map, create the name. And choose mods from the workshop/choose plugins. Yeah that’s all I have for now. Might also remove a lot of the cringy server with abusive admins and such. I know that doesn’t make sense but we can hope xd

Nop, this would make good servers close, cause pvp servers have money (people pay vip), survivors do not

No you would only have to pay like 5 dollars once xd, not constantly and plus it would host on your own PC

I really disagree with you. Servers costs lost of money to run so Nelson would spend more than what he is making out if it and this could only work for Nelson if servers costs around $80-200 monthly (Very inaccurate). You need to understand that computers can only handle so much servers at once. High performance computers can only handle a few hundred servers, meaning that Nelson would have to buy multiple computers that are high performance so they can run the servers smoothy and good quality computers costs thousands of dollars. Also remember that computers slow down over time, so he needs to upgrade/fix the parts which would cost more money.

ALSO! This would drain all of Nelson’s time LMAO!

Bro, you can already do that yourself. Also not everyone has a good PC

Litteraly I just said it would be on your own PC.

Computers don’t slow down that fast. “constantly” seems missleading.

Well my damn computer won’t allow it so sorry, this would help the people who can’t figure out how to host it so yeah.

I literally said that you can already run a server yourself… I also want to repeat that not all pc’s can run servers…

Oops My bad!

Yeah I know. So that would also make it so that kids with weak computers won’t host servers. Like BTW, I can host a lan server, just not public and it really doesn’t affect performance. It’s really just every guide I follow won’t work so yeah xd.
Edit I saw you noticed the performance thing already T_T

Don’t worry lmao

Yea, I’m bored AF! I’m sadly just waiting for 4.0 to come out. Im just waste my time going around forums and waiting for updates to come out.

Lol same. I posted this cause we’ll it just thought of it really as 1 a way I could host a server easier and 2 a way to generate a decent amount of income for Nelson without it costing too much

From a coding standpoint this makes zero sense - even if you were to have this approved, how would you force people to pay to portforward for servers on their own computers, which is a completely unrelated, technical task done by literally every multiplayer Steam, mobile, and console game ever made?

(also, if you thought I was exaggerating, I really was not. If you can name any game, it requires the standard portfowarding that every game does, from Minecraft to TF2)

We need a way to donate to nelson!

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