So, I've "planned" to wrote a novel about unturned


Definitely not inspired by the webcomic thread.
Oh boy, a novel about a zombie-survival game? you must be nuts.
Well guess what, I’m bored and I just want to wrote something fictional.

In all seriousness. I’d like to wrote a novel about unturned. (Not fanfiction about laurence x sydney. Altho I could do that.) But I need your help. About “How” would I make it. (Novels don’t have pictures by the way.)

So, I’ve made a poll for you guys to pick your favorite option. So I’ll know what you prefer. Anyhow thanks for even bothering reading this.

  • Huge wall of text wrote in MS word. (Doesn’t matter what’s font it is)
  • “More organized” wall of text wrote in MS word. (With ariel font.)
  • “More organized” wall of text wrote in MS word. (With my “custom” font. aka winston nero.)
  • Children’s book style. (Coloured texts.)
  • “More organized” wall of text wrote in MS word with a little bit of scripts style it in. (if wrote in winston nero, this would be my favorite.)
  • scripts style. (As in, -Doors open- James : Hi. -Doors kills james via knockback.-)
  • I don’t like reading that much. Also not enough options.

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Everything goes to hell the moment I try to write something, yeah? Somehow, telepathically, whenever I publish something everyone around me also is writing something. Oh well. I guess it can’t be helped.

If you’re writing an actual novel, I’d suggest indenting, proper punctuation, grammar, spelling, and double checking. Yes, double checking.

You’ll also need to mix in equal amounts of what I call the essential elements of imagery: suspense, humor, seriousness, and action. Your characters are also going to need complicated backstories introduced throughout the novel, and at least one, preferably the main character, is going to need a tragic one.

Also, the addition of cameos, references, and downright quotes from the base material are necessary to help connect your audience to you.

If anyone wants to read my fanfiction, the link is below. Shameless self-advertising.


That’s… Must be a coincidence.

Now, English isn’t my first language. But I’ll try my best. (And with the help of the online grammar checker, I think.)

Now, I don’t want to make it too predictable. But I’ll keep that in mind. (Altho, I’m deciding if I should just make a story on just 1 protagonist or make a multiple stories on multiple protagonists.)

I’ll assume that “cameos” are “side characters” (Correct me if I’m wrong.) that don’t stick with the protagonists too short nor too long. (Maybe couples of exceptions.) And of-course. The novel will be based on the “original storyline.” (But not completely.) I don’t want to spills the beans about the main story yet. But thanks for the suggestions.


Ive never seen anyone make a good story based off of a video game in a non video game format so good luck!


A cameo is a reference to another character in a completely different universe.
English is also my second language.


Slightly unrelated, but how long have you been writing what you have for?



What the fuck?


About two weeks


Is this your first time trying to write or have you been trying to do something for uhh

4 y e a r s


I think that would be an amazing Idea! Before you publish a book to the public, they will have editors that can fix the english that is in the book. But, I still recommend you to try your hardest to make up the story first.


Seven years.


do it

or else i’ll do it


Release the custom flag guide first then I’ll reconsider it. :wink:


having “wall of text” as an option to begin with

how about literally no


Nibba have you ever read a book before?


books have something called a uh,

formatting, b0ss


That’s why I added the “more organized” option.

And even that I stated it as a wall of texts, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a wall of unreadable text.

I’m sorry if that’s confused you in any way.


wall of text

boy howdy do i love


Tell me you strachy radioactive mars fruit.

Why is there an option to. “Dating” in a



i mean i mightve gotten the link wrong but uh

this is possibly one of the worst websites to post a story ever

now wattpad however (/s)