So this is possible

Not necessarily the most practical. :slight_smile:
I think the actual most extreme use will be like a pistol sight on top of a 4x optic plus canted irons.


Looks kinda weird…

Dat (gr)ass
:flushed: hnnnngggg :weary:


nice road.waejfvghiraeulhtegikuhydszrbjhkuygk.

7x scope + 8x scope = 15x scope :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Youre making everyone uncomfortable, yet you do have a point.

I never knew I could be turned on by foliage :ok_hand:


I decided to be lil detective so here are few other thins I noticed on this ss:

  • Ambient occulusion on viewmodel
  • Different looking road (though I think it sohuldn’t be blurred)
  • working draw distance for grass
  • lower quality terrain in distance (But bushes are floating, please fix)

quick maths!

20x scope plus 20x scope

get on my level

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Keep it forever.

This is what we need.

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You’re supposed to multiply silly, it’s a 56x scope

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That…is a lot of…sights. Seems pretty good to me though, tacticool right?

y’all freaking out over the grass, just look at the road :0

Why not the shadows? Don’t even get me started on the bushes

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“Highly Accurate”

ohh me likey

no its a 78x scope xd

Gonna use the Grizzly iron sights and the Matamorez Iron sights and a red dot at the barrel
Beat that!

Maybe most magnifiers and scopes should have some bluriness, distortion, darkness, or coloration that would stack up if you try to use several magnifiers.