Soft Body Armor(Kevlar)

What about adding soft body armor(Kevlar vest etc.) to the game? It will give players a lot more options. For example, soft body armor can stop low-caliber rounds meanwhile high-caliber rounds will pierce soft armor and deal around ninety to eighty percent of its damage. We need levels of armor like the level I, II, IIIA, III, IV to make the game more tactical and interesting, and if that sounds too complicated like I said you can add soft body armor and be done with it. If there will be levels of armor like(civilian, makeshift, police, military, spec ops) in Unturned 3.0 civilian, police(high-end soft armor), makeshift vest can be soft armor.
Here’s my idea about soft armor:

  • Stops pistol, sub-machine gun, and shotgun rounds(not so sure about shotgun).
  • No movement penalty
  • More storage
  • Can be concealed
  • Can’t stop rifle rounds
  • Lower durability
    Hope you guys like it! :smiley:

This game takes place more in Europe so we should use VPAM instead of NIJ.
It’d be more relevant, and more comprehensive anyways.
Moreover, soft armour can at least reduce damage from rifle ammo, especially non APs and non Barrier Blinds.

Yeah it should reduce the damage from rifle rounds so you’ll be better off than a naked player but not to a point that it is better to use than a plate armor.

It is worth mentioning a plate carrier already exists in the release branch of the UII beta, and a ballistic vest was also revealed in a previous devlog. It’s safe to assume Nelson already plans to implement varying classes and types of personal armor (including kevlar), as well as having varying armor penetration values among different calibers. This is not reflected in the current build, but will definitely be a future game mechanic.

It’s not really worth ruling out the potential consideration of content solely on a geographical basis.

Before it was scrapped, Pineridge took place in the setting of a typical North American town. I’m not sure where you got this information from, but it is probably more likely that Unturned II’s first sufficiently complete survival map will also take place in a North American setting, as opposed to Europe. (Then again, this is really speculation and the first map may not have a tangible real-world setting at all.)

Unturned (version 3) is also centric to Canada, though there are numerous official and curated maps that are European in setting.

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wait, Pirenedge was canceled? why?

Fair point. However, VPAM gives more “room to breathe” so to speak. It’s a more diverse rating scale, so that might make it easier for the dev.