Solid Zombies

in 4.0 the zombies should be a solid object. in 3.0 if you wanted to avoid a zombie you can just walk right through them without getting attacked and its kind of BS in the survival aspect. if I remember correctly in 2.0 the zombies were a solid object. I think this would a good argument


Was this mistranslated? An argument means either a disagreement or a reasoning, and I don’t see much of either. (Would really like to see more of the reasoning why this should be done, and “it’s kinda B.S.” doesn’t count)

I think nelson did say something about solid zombies and players.

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in a way it would be good because melee fights would look less retarded, but blocking would also happen which sucks

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Which could, despite being a nuisance, become a feature, a thing you’d have to pay attention to (not getting cornered by zombies, that is).

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I believe this is a want in the next Unturned Game. Not an Argument for the next Unturned game. Your not really arguing with anybody on this topic since theirs only 7 reply’s and i dont see you down here back and forth with somebody.

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