[Solved] Bundling Light #3 and Light #4 to my map

Solution: Copy the Light folder that you plan on changing. Create a folder with the name “Name_Light_5” (change “Name” to anything of your choice. In my case I went with RAM). Open the English.dat and change the first line to say “Name RAM Light #5”. Save end exit the text file. Rename the second text file to say “RAM_Light_5” and open that txt file. Generate a new GUID for it and change the ID to something unique. Lastly follow Renaxon’s txt file below. Add the Prefab, Master Bundle Override and the Override Path lines.

I’m trying to bundle the objects Light 3 and Light 4 to my map. The problem however is that they are not showing up in the editor. I gave each their own unique GUID, ID, folder name, .dat file name and name in the English.dat for each, both are placed in the correct folder location, and I’ve tried adding “Exclude_From_Master_Bundle”. I’ve also tried adding “Master_Bundle_Override core.masterbundle” paired with “Bundle_Override_Path \Objects\Medium\Furniture\Light_3” and the lights are not showing up.

The reason I’m trying to bundle the lights with my map are so that I can have static lights, or lights always on, on my map. I’ve commented out the line “Add_Night_Light_Script” in the game’s main Bundle\Objects\Furniture\Medium\Light_3 and Light_2 as a test and the lights stay on no matter the time of day. While this will work on my end, each player would have to open up the game’s Light_3 and 4 files and comment out those two lines of code so they would also have static lights.

Is it possible for me to bundle Light_3 and Light_4 with my map?

I’m not sure where you could have made a mistake but I tried doing an override of those lamps and was successful, maybe it could be the location where you keep your overrides, in my case I just put them in a map I made.


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Do I need to bundle another file and how can I find the location of my overrides?
Not sure if I needed to add the core.masterbundle and the other 3 files but I also put those into the Bundles folder as a test. Didn’t change.


I just realized I never renamed the .dat files like I thought I did. When I’m able I’ll rename them and see if that is my solution

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That is most likely your problem.

That was indeed the issue. I gave the txt files a new name but not the right name. Thank you for the images you sent. Wouldn’t have been able to figure it out without your help.


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