[SOLVED] Unturned 3.0 GPU on 98 - 99 %

Hey, is it normal that my GPU is on 98-99 % by starting Unturned ? it was fine everytime. I had like 70-60 %. I have a NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB is that normal ?

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I don’t know but for 6GB of graphic memory and a GTX 1060 I don’t think your graphic card should be struggling that much.

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Yea, thanks I dont know how but I fixed it. :slight_smile:

when you start unturned? so like loading screen or in game?

if it is in the menu or anywhere else in the game, it is probably because the fps is not limited so your pc will always push as hard as it can, this wont hurt your graphics card in any way and at worst will just shorten its lifespan

if it is in the loading screen then i don’t know.

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No i fixed it its okay :slight_smile:

ok then ,

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ok pesky, whatever you say

what its been solved