Some 3.x Cancer Players

Some 3.0 cancer players saying, unturned II will be bad or they saying (Holy shit, my skins will gone)
For me they just have 5 IQ :smiley:
this picture explains cancers…



Low tier meme for kicks

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the implication that the playerbase will change

If the first fully open beta is PVP only with no/few survival mechanics the 3.0 playerbase will happily jump ship to a superior game (3.0 has some whack hitreg) And even if its shipped with a lot of survival mechanics, many will still make the jump, especially if the requirements dont change by all that much. Even if the first wave of PVP kiddies are turned off by a survival beta, that will quickly change with modding tools in the mix, as if there is a large demand (pvpers) a supply will be created (modders making tdm mods) of course there will be community survival remixes of the game, and the playerbase might fragment if the differences vary enough, but thats probably a good thing as there is already a big playerbase even if only the active 20k 3.0 players jump ship, and I know plenty of people who dont play 3.0 anymore and are just waiting for UII

All we can do is hope and pray as far as I can see.


Forum Regulars should reserve the right to ban all PvP servers.


no roleplayers

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You are hereby banned from existence

nein thee, thoust foul creature

why though?

9 year old pvpers


cause they claim “Failrp” and “RDM” when they’re not even Roleplaying

Hence why they need to be banned

watch out them kids gettin
(i steal all my memes)

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But. Everyone else has used it.


This is some steam forums or subreddit tier shit not gonna lie

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