Some bike model teasing (custom)

Hello there,

Some of you knows that im working on 3d custom model for upcoming 4.0 .
Ive worked on some sort of bike.
Looks :

As usual, like if like and comments .



Really nice except for the V-twin which doesn’t seem to have the piston banks united at the bottom…

EDIT: For any non-gearheads out there, the pistons in a V engine have their rods united at the bottom, where the driveshaft is located. Because that doesn’t happen in OP’s model, it just looks like a weird parallel twin mounted longitudinally for some reason.

PS: Consider adding a rear fender, I think it looks nicer that way



lol you re right dude
Changed the OP

PERFECT oh my Goodness

To be a real man you need a harley.

Hello guy,

Here is a new pics, taking into account your advices :

Comment as asual



cool m8 that looks sick

The rim and tire should be separated, even if only with texture colors, the seat could also use some work (looks rather uncomfortable, maybe you could create a leather one). I also think that the hub holding spokes could be a 12-sided cylinder instead of a hexagon (if it’s meant to resemble round thing, it should be round).

Other than those things I pointed out it looks great, can’t wait to see it finished.

the front doesnt have a rim, and the back isnt connected to the tire.

(You people and leather) anyways, make the seat a little bit wider, look at it and decide which one looks better. the color is fine. Just people think everything has to be a certain color, thought he seat WOULD look better if it was colored black. (and maybe raised slightly? I dunno, Ive never looked at this bike model.

Yes, I forgot to mention that the rim itself should be added, it looks weird with spokes being connected to tire.

I really do not understand what you are trying to communicate here, there’s plenty of reasons leather would be used for seat cover, and yeah I do think that seat should be certain color (currently it’s like rest of the bike which I assume is metal).

Black would def look nicer, but keep in mind choppers aim at having the seat height as low as possible.

yes but ho do you know the seat isnt just colored grey? plus the fact that this isnt even finished.

I dont think this bike is meant to have a rim on the front.

Edit: believe this is an image of the bike.

Yeah thats why I said Ive never looked at this bike (motorcycle) model, i didnt know if it was supposed to be that way.

Holy crap this looks amazing,and fits the artstyle too.

hello guy

Ive impproved the model following yours suggestions

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Nice man :+1:
I would totally ride that… :joy: :joy: :joy:

@otter Alpha can you upload ur model id like to see how u made and all thanks

Ill send you in mp

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