Some Campaign İdeas

Singleplayer / story mode is the thing i enjoy more than pvp on unturned because some reasons : -tryhards -jump spammers

now for suggestion i have a few ideas to get diffrent views on the outbreak moment

-Playing as military soldier / general [you have sent on city due to there was cannibal reports] later you will see what cannibals are… but you will die eventually because movie logics military always fails

-Playing as a researcher / whatever faction that is new on Unturned II experimenting on a some weird shit or alien that got wounded and found on a crashed (if unturned plot haven’t changed) and experiment gone wrong :confused:

-Playing as a citizen , cop , hobo / homeless (i belive this will be most epic one) , Swat officer

-Hazmat guy poor guy dosen’t know what is gonna happen on outbreak location

idk suggest some more i will add

[Actually this could work as DLC or side stories lol] and this will most likely won’t happen because Nelson loves to keep outbreak day as secret and dark and will require so much work


Unturned is made by 1 person, I think he should focus on a small concept rather than doing a hundred things in 1 project


I think it would be better if the campaign has a more linear story mode rather than scenarios of your occupation.

Say, you still start off as the chosen occupation (e.g. Related items and skills) but the campaign is indifferent to what you’ve chosen except bonus/unique options in quests/dialogue.

The dev can already prioritize his work fine. It’s not like he’s pressured by multiple tasks, he’s doing it nice and steadily.


I don’t necessarily see that as a positive thing. Judging from the Devlog posts now, the Guns mechanics aren’t placeholder assets, no those aspects are getting detailed in my eyes.
Why isn’t he balancing his work over multiple aspects of the game? If he’s just focusing on the Guns right now, the game will be built around the Guns and not the Guns around the game.

If he polishes up the Guns now (which is looking like it in my opinion) and then works on for example Backpacks and he wants Guns to show up on the side of the Backpack but oops, the Guns just keeps showing up as the base model instead of the base model with modifications that I made to it. Oh well, guess I’ll scrap this concept of attaching Guns to the side of Backpacks because I’ve already worked on Guns this much, I’m not starting over with that to fix the problem.

It’s just an example but I hope you get my point.

I’m not complaining, I’m just worried his way of working isn’t fit for making a well-designed game and rather a way for a developer having more fun making his game, which fair enough if he meant to do that.

I dont think Nelson is just focusing on the guns , the guns are just another part of the game, He is focusing now on the base mechanics of the game and combat is just another part of it , just because we have more gun details it does not mean that the game is PVP focus . The fact that gun is showing on the side of the backpack is just a detail a welcome nice detail. You should not be very worried about that , Nelson learned enough the past years of Unturned develpment how to make a nice game and after the 3.0 PVP he learned enough to not repeat the same thing.

The thing that we should be afraid is Nelson mental health , we really dont know almost anything about what he feels and what he thinks inside of him who knows maybe behind that beautiful “Hello” is a very concerned person that is very afraid of the day when UII will be tested by the world (possibly IDK ).We should give him support and constructive criticism as much as possible in the private beta so the first public beta UII would not be a fail.

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I don’t see why there should be a campaign sinc I dont’t feel like its something that a game like unturned would have/needs.
But thats just my opinion :face_with_monocle:

Ull will be nothing else than a “well-designed game”, thats all Nelson is about right now.

They’re valid concerns, but I think your example makes a lot of assumptions about the effort that goes into individual tasks, underestimates the importance of polishing content to at least being properly functional and not rushed (unlike a bulk of U3), and

ignores that clothing (including stuff like pistol holsters where the weapon is visible in the holster itself) is planned for Devlog 24. The reason you’re seeing a lot of gunplay is because:

  1. It was never in a state of being finished or properly usable.

  2. Clothing has to go through a lot of the same steps redoing the weapons did, and are planned to be brought back for Devlog 24 (which should be easier with the improvements Nelson has made to both his methods and his actual tools).

Admittedly you acknowledge it was just an example,

but I don’t get your point even though they’re entirely valid concerns. The way you try to back your concerns up doesn’t feel based in reality. It feels more like you’re concerned the game won’t turn out well, and your bias is inclined to believe it will most definitely turn out like that even if you’d rather it not.


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