Some features that will make the game better

i like unturned 3.0. but i want some features for unturned 4.0

1: Crafting and food
i have an idea for crafting. like in unturned 2.0. you have a 3x3 space to craft and a extra 2x1 space for tools. and i have another idea for food like if you eat too much you get fat and you will have less stamina and run slower. but if you are too fat you die with a heart attack (You died by a heart attack)

2: Cars and vehicles
i want to do some drifting in unturned 4.0 with cars with gearbox but you can change it for automatic to manual but you need mechanic 4. things like that. oh, an better suspension will be great.

3 Zombies
more types of zombies:

Runner zombies:zombies thats runs and kicks you to the ground to kill you
 Parkour zombies: zombies that jumps and climbs medium things (like cars and tables)
Big zombies: big zombies, walks slower but does more damage
 Animal zombie: like a zombies dog or a zombie bear.

4 Players and inventory
a better inventory. big guns need special backpacks. like the best backpack give you 4 weapon slot

and that is all. sorry for my bar english i am from argentina

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Unturned 2.x had only 2 slots for items and 1 slot for the tool.
And if it were as you said, some crafts won’t be able to be done. Because a car will need 4 wheels, a bunch of metal sheets and metal scrap, metal bars, a generator, a gas can, and a few other things
Claim flag needs glue, cloth, chemicals, and such.

I do agree that the crafting menu in 2.x was the best because you had to figure out how things are made so it gives an extra goal to the player. But at the same time, how many slots are we gonna need? Because too many slots won’t look good, rather crowded

i know the the crafting on 2.0 has 2 slots for items and 1 for tool. i just used 3x3 because it will be better.
and yes a car will need 4 wheels but it will need something like a special crafting thing (like a car lift) to make it

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I really like this. With the 3×3 crafting, maybe you can make 2 options-“small” and “large”. Small is for small stuff, like food and purifying water, and large is for generators and cars.

Not too big on this idea. Forces a lot of crafting-exclusive items to be added to the game, which really just complicates recipes and game knowledge as you have to remember individual items alongside many more specific crafting recipes. Redoing Unturned 3’s menu to be more intuitive and flow-y would be nicer.

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