Some ideas for new stat counters

Well since I for one love stats and keeping track of them, here are some ideas for new ones:

Weapon Stat Counters:

Critical Kills ( Players & Total): Keeps track of all critical damage kills.

Damage inflicted (Total, Structural & Players): Keeps track of total damage inflicted.

Reputation Based Kills: Tracks kills on people with a certain reputation threshold (maybe 10 or greater)

Cosmetics Stat Counters:
(The counters should be invisible while a player is wearing them, but once placed on a mannequin they become visible)"

Health Restored (Total): Keeps track of how many health points you’ve restored to yourself and players (med supplies skins please :wink: )

Minutes survived in a single life(Arena & Survival): Keeps track of how many minutes one has spent alive in a single life. The wearer has to be on a VAC and Battle-eye secure server for this to work.

Miles/Kilometers Traveled (Vehicle, Walking & Total)

Experience Earned

Reputation Earned

These are just some basic ones. If any are too vague I’ll edit them to be more descriptive.