Some Ideas that might've been already talked about

So some things I really want are:

  1. Romania Map - I am a romanian and I would be very proud and happy that my country is in Unturned. (Nelson if u do it don’t forget to add sarmale )
  2. Maybe a story mode, that would be nice. You could escape or find a cure or something similar to that.
  3. When your character dies it drops everything in its hands and then the player which killed you needs to loot you(scavange) which takes a bit and the skill could be improved so you can loot faster. When you do loot someone you loot his backpack take his clothes etc. but he remains naked if u take his clothes xd
  4. The same with furniture you have to scavange.
  5. When you kill zombies you can take their clothes and there’s a chance that they have items in the clothes.
  6. Easter eggs, a lot of them
  7. More realistic aspects
  8. You can find ripped clothes
    That’s all I can think for now; I’ll edit if I get any new ideas.
    Sorry if I have any grammar mistakes :wink:

Oh and yea what about devblog 9#. Two options he has a lot to show us but still much till the beta ( My predictions are June) or maybe the game will be out soon. What do you guys think

  1. Nelson hasn’t discussed what maps he’s going to add (we know Pineridge is going to be added), he also said he doesn’t plan on adding maps from 3.0 (such as PEI), but he said the same thing from 2.0 to 3.0 and he still added it so maybe there’s a chance for it to be added to 4.0

  2. Don’t know if that has been discussed

  3. Nelson already said this will be added (scavenging through the clothing)

  4. That’d be neat

  5. Don’t know if that has been discussed

  6. Don’t know if that has been discussed

  7. They’ll be added

  8. Don’t know if that has been discussed

(By the way, yes I did copy and paste the “Don’t know if that has been discussed” lol)


I’ll note the stuff in your post that’s been hit on before.

#2 is already planned as a singleplayer/co-op mode where you play as the outbreak is starting, and there’s something along the lines of what you’re thinking of.

#3 is implemented - rather than a big fat loot-splosion you now actually loot the body.

#4 has been discussed and potentially implemented.

#5 has been discussed but widely agreed on as too OP. To balance it the clothes would have to be in very poor condition and easily get you sick.

#7 is the mainstay of 4.0. Think of 4.0 as the hardcore, survival-centric big brother of 3.0, with greater immersion, depth and realism. That’s definitely what Nelson has been aiming for.

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