Some ideas

See fish in the water, so you can see where better to cast and when to pull it out.

More hostile animals aside from bears and wolves: wild dogs, pumas, honebadgers, predator birds and fish and snakes.

More environment hazards: huracanes(item flipping trees falling car wrecking window smashing wind), wild fires(charcoal rich danger), EMP stroms(no tv for a… the frick i know), acid rain(better get my umbrella or hazard suit), solar and lunar eclipse(spooky), drought(no potatos ths month), quicksand(better not step in that), lightning (which can cause fire)

ability to start and turn off car engine.


Fish in water? No.
More animals? Hell yeah.
Environmental disasters? Fuck no.


I think there should be a tranquilizer dart. When you get shot by a tranquilizer dart you should go into third person and become a ragdoll(not dead) then other players can drag your tranquilized body to their base and take you as a hostage.

also more zombie stuff. maybe zombies can infect animals. Or zombies that throw other zombies at you or ones that can jump at helicopters.

Forest fires(caused by the players)

prosthetic legs(he might add removing limbs with melee weapons

Limping animation when you break your leg

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that kinda contradicts don’t you think?
or you mean aside from other animals we need more marine dangers because mostly you die in water eather form suffocation trying to pvp or die from pvping under water

a hostile zombie deer… nice

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I mean sharks would be pretty good, but seeing the individual fish is a waste of processing power and Nelson’s time.

they dont need to be highpoly.
just a siluet would be enough.
but IF you would go spear hunting under water that might look odd.

It’s still an unnecessary detail.

I think that when you get killed by the punch/bite of a zombie you should just die but when it bites you and you die of infection several minutes later you should play as that zombie and will quickly start dying but maybe your friends can cure your infection and bring you back to being a human.

TOTALLY AGREED I really wanna KIDNAP some players and make them dance MUAAHAHAHAHA :clown_face:

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry, taken out of context…

not necessarily. It would add the feel of more life underwater. Take the Cough Cough Minecraft Aquatic update Cough Cough as an example. The oceans had been empty and lifeless before, but then fish where added and yeah.

Not really tho, the water in UE4 is gonna be epic, and having a dive in it and seeing the fish swim around would be awesome to have. That way, you can craft a spear and use it to fish in shallow waters, or deep waters but won’t be nearly as easy

My 1.4ghz Mac begs to differ.

Maybe different engine will have mercy on your PC

I’m not worthy of that title.

They all use pc hardware, unless yours is pre-2006

I think you should be able to throw melee weapons, like spears and camp axes

I mean in terms of specs it kind of is.
Who would of thought Intel makes 1.4ghz i5s?
Saddest part is that I got it in 2014.

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