Some kind of criticism of Unturned 2 ( by a fan )

A year practically, since we know nothing about Unturned 2.
Last I remember, Nelson was thinking of making changes to the character’s body, blendy or blocky.

And after a big forum debate, the developer didn’t come up with any answer and decided to continue with the fixes to Unturned 1.

A long time ago maybe I thought that the abandonment of Unturned 2 was something IMPOSSIBLE, but after all this time, I see that it is not so far away, Nelson maybe has already thought about abandoning Unturned 2.

And this makes me so sad, I still remember a new AI perception system was going to be implemented, zombies could hear footsteps, see light, follow lasers and even follow the smell of food.

Do you remember Nelson? I know that maybe you don’t feel the same passion anymore, maybe it’s boring to start from 0 with a new game when the previous one is going perfect. But, doesn’t it excite you like it does us?

I think maybe you made some mistakes when you started with the new game, you tried to make it perfect on your own. And yet I think that’s not a mistake at all, I think you can.
The only problem is that you won’t make it perfect at once, you deviated by complicating it with mechanics that are not necessary in the alpha of a game.
Instead of adding a flashlight that turns on and off, you added a flashlight that has batteries, which also has DIFFERENT TYPES OF BATTERIES with different electrical charges.
I mean I’m impressed and it looks cool but did you need it now?

I think you wouldn’t have gotten so burned out on development if you had concentrated on the more fundamental things from the beginning.

I’m sure you still read your community, and if you read this, how do you feel? What do you think? Do you think you can still have a little spark with Unturned 2? You are aware that people are not asking for 10 updates per week for Unturned 1, you also know that a big part of the community still has hopes for Unturned 2 and they understand you. So what will you do?

The purpose of this post is to lay it all out on the table, and find out what you really think?
And if you were to continue with the development, what would be your new goals? Hire the best modders? Choose the new body for the character? Continue with the perceptive AI? You have several points to start from, it all depends if you still want to.

But above all, don’t burn yourself with mechanics that we don’t need yet, you must remember how you started with Unturned 2.0 or Unturned 1, and after having the basics refined, go ahead and start making the mechanics more complex.

And don’t forget that no matter how much you do it alone, the community is always here, waiting for news, maybe some of us have already lost hope, but we always come back when something new arrives.

And finally, please, someone tell MoltonMontro if you can find more useful questions for the community in general or things we really need to know. Because it’s kind of a troll that in the community questions someone asks if how to delete an item from steam inventory or how to install mods, but if there are no more questions then there is no other way.

Anyway, I hope to know what you think Nelson! Whatever the answer is, we want to know.
Kill our hopes or bring them back.


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