Some kinda useless suggestions

  1. Having to repair, clean cars when found in the wilderness or in the city.
  2. (Useless) the ability to change your hairstyle in game if the hairstyle youre usigis in a category (say you have dreadlocks ylu can tie them up differently) like this: (these are all pictures from XXXTentacion)

  3. (useless) multiple hair colors at once?
  4. Information tags kinda like nbt in minecraft (say there is a desert colored SCAR, a Black SCAR and a coalition SCAR, thry would all have the same ID)
  5. (Useless)Spray paint (Ik people would draw innapropriate stuff but they can like maybe upload their creation to workshop and people can draw those sprays in game).
  6. Blood moons and Solar eclipses every now and then, and proper moon phases.
  7. A survival backpack - relatively easy to find, found in camps and has a lot of storage
  8. Robbing people without killing them, you’d have to put a blindfold and handcuffs for that.
  9. Airdrops would be a plane dropping say 5-10 crates, and those crates would be: Vehicles (yes, vehicles) like militairy grade, Weapons, Supplies and Meds
  10. Backpacks would be more crampled up and more puff depending on their fullness
  11. (Ik this is kinda planned) so with the potential introducement of different bullets in one magazine it would be way easier if it was a ui showing the magazine and all the bullets in your inventory (if we get guns like a 1216 shotgun which has 4 tubes in a magazine, this would prove useful)

This is confirmed for clothing and optics. I’m not sure about guns though.

Spray paint could be a server option.
I would love spray paint so I could make my own group flags etc.
If not, you could have the ability to put your groups Icon onto a flag.

  • 1: planned
  • 2: maybe, Idc (plz use other and better examples next time lmao).
  • 3: maybe, Idc.
  • 4: I think that’s planned, not sure.
  • 5: it’d be useful if their use is wide but limited to crafting and surfaces painting, as free paint may allow inappropiate stuff as you said.
  • 6: phases are planned, blood moons and eclipses I’m not sure. If added, those should be ultra-rare events.
  • 7: maybe planned already.
  • 8: registering corpses and surrended people is already planned.
  • 9: I agree about airdrops giving more stuff in separated crates rather than just guns in a sole big one (which doesn’t bring that many compared to its size), but I don’t about vehicles at all.
  • 10: not sure if planned, but it’d be realistic enough to fit.

Move this to MEME NOW!!!

No zero, it’s a legitimate suggestion. Not a meme.

Extremely compact things like a folding bicycle, inflatable raft, or parachute? Yes.

Small things like a ATV, dinghy, or hang glider? Ah, why not.

Large things like cars, sailboats, or single seat aircraft? Probably not, but I suppose if they sent the pieces separately it maybe could possibly work.

Anything bigger? Hell no.


Well they could drop crates that you Literally will break open the crate and a ATV or motorcycle or bike ect would be inside. So all they drop is the vehicle itself.


But I overall like the idea of dropping small vehicles! Could prove interesting!

No zero, i dont want my suggestions to be banned in the EU

They actually send vehicles via airdrop, look up humvee airdrop.
I also found this in wikipedia: jakkals -

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Air dropped vehicles are generally dropped from relatively low altitude, and would be unbalanced anyways.

Maybe not… If vehicles are really rare it might be the only way to get vehicles if all the others have been taken.

If you want vehicles that come out of nowhere, then have craftable vehicles, but basically having tanks almost literally fall right into your lap all ready to roll, except for the ribbon you need to untie would not be balanced.

I meant stuff like humvees and jeeps, no apcs or tanks

When did anyone ever say apcs or tanks?

Apcs and tanks don’t even belong in 4.0.

I posted this photo (I’m joking of course)

Apcs and tanks don’t even belong in 4.0.

That’s a topic for another day.

The only things I said definitely shouldn’t be air dropped are things larger than cars. Several people seem to disagree with that assessment.

I more of imagine random civilian vehicles and maybe an occasional military vehicles being dropped. but not tanks. definitely not