Some of my suggestions for 4.x

  1. character feeling : having your unturned character surviving for hundred of days may be really annoying, your character will need to do something… like listening music to stereo… playing music… singing… reading… playing to prevent him from problems… if you dont take care of that, you will go Lower, do less damages…

  2. water : add some animals in water, from small fishes to sharks or even predators and orca that could try to attack you… Also some oceanics currents that could drown you if your swimming skill is not upgraded enough

  3. farming : you would have to do several things in order to farm easier your food : let’s say we want to add some potatoes

  • sun / light : your tomato would need sun or specific lights to grow
    You could add it inside a greenhouse or outdoor
  • water : using water can, manuals pumps and pipes, or even automatic ones, you could regulate water needed according to outdoor temperature or all humidity…
  • for some plant, you would have to add a eat / cooling system to allow thoses to grow… have you ever wanted to plant some pineapples in yukon?
  1. Advanced climate
    First, it would include more variety of climate…
    It could be sunny, have + or - clouds, + or - fog, there could be a few rain or you could be inside a violent storm with trees falling and small wood bases being damaged… there could be blizzard, snow, or even black Ice that would make your car uncontrollable… there could be aridity, dryness that kill your plants if you dont give them enough water…

  2. groundwater, that you could pump from ground… pumps oil and with a very hard system making it useable for cars ( not planes wich would likely use keerosen instead ) . Building a pipe system for water or oil or almost everything you want…

  3. New way to create electricity :

  • solar panels
  • small wind turbine
  • generator
  • you would need to add wires
  1. more building material :
    Wood < brick < concrete cinderblock < metal

  2. fences

  • you could capture animals and add fences to prevent thoses from escaping… using thoses to get Milk or giving them lot of food to get lot of meat…
  1. structure solidity
    If you use wood, concrete, brick or all, you would have to take into consideration solidity of each material… adding bearing wall ( heavier, may collapse the building if it is too high or if there are too much ) or partitions, divider, that are less heavy and allow to build higher, but easily destructible , even with melee weapons … the best would be to add metal wich couldnt be damaged…

  2. salvaging houses furniture
    Like a bed, or even a television ( that you could never use ) just to decorate your base… you could also salvage military crates or even tents…

  3. weapons
    Having very powerfull guns should be annoying … what I would imagine is that using guns would be a problem for the player, if he use the weapons ( even with suppressor ) , the zombies could heard him from far…

  4. hordes
    Travelling randomly between cities… hordes would be composed by ~20 to 50 zombies… they would seek for food, if they see your base, they wont care but if you move , they will notice you.

  5. zombies can hear you when using vocal chat
    Title explain all

  6. more zombies :

  • normal one
  • crouch one
  • crawling one
  • mega one
  • maybe the magic ones from 3.0

But what about some others zombies that would make your exploration in city a true nightmare… like :slight_smile:

  • flanker zombie ( very smart, will try to trap you inside a building )
  • contagious ( doing huge damage and Lowering radiation by something big )
  • fat zombie ( extremely slow but it can blocade a door )
  • atleth zombie ( usually find around sports areas, this zombie can run faster than all and we usually deal great damages )
  1. almost Last one, climbing :
    Using an Ice axe, you could climb some small ( according to your skill level ) Ice and rock wall, you would need a rope, some high quality shoes and many things

  2. Last one, ziplines
    Ziplines would be rare and need appropriate material but could save your life… you could also add some to your base…

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More coming

you cant be serious


lmao the only depression in this thread is what OP’s suggestions are giving me


Those suggestions should be balanced things, hard to do, needing to be maintained …
I never said it would be easy to get that…

#1 Disagree
#2 Planned
#3 Planned
#4 Frequent, agree
#5 Agree, but…
#6 Planned
#7 Needs work
#8 Planned
#9 Needs work
#10 Agree
#11 Agree
#12 Frequent, agree
#13 Agree
#14 Frequent, needs work
#15 Needs work
#16 Agree, but…

I disagree with #1. It’s a very unfitting and unusual suggestion reminiscent of Don’t Starve or some other game with a completely different style.

#2: water currents are planned, aquatic creatures have been very frequently discussed

#3: Irrigation and other advanced agricultural mechanics (including automated farming) is already planned and has seen direct mentions in the Wishlist Trello as well as devlogs.

#4 is frequently talked about and likely planned. There are many other posts here that cover this topic in far greater depth and breadth.

#5: I think it would be fair to have groundwater pumps and wells that can be drilled using advanced equipment, but being able to construct an oil derrick, especially one that extracts infinite, usable, vehicle grade oil is a bit ridiculous. Fuel should be scarce.

#6: diversified power sources are planned as of the Wishlist Trello.

#7: we’re going to need a lot more building diversity than that. Adding a single tier of cinderblocks is not going to do much.

#8: mechanics for having cattle is planned.

#9: the way you explained this system is very unusual, but a commonly suggested feature is a stability system that takes into account support, physical stress, and weight distribution of buildings for realistic buildings and making skybases impossible.

#10: salvaging map objects for materials makes enough sense. I agree with this one.

#11: firearms should make a lot of noise, making every shot a calculated risk when zombies are nearby. Ammunition should also be very scarce.

#12: wandering hordes of zombies are probably one of the most frequently suggested 4.0 features of all time. I think it’s safe to say we will see some form of them in 4.0.

#13 is totally fair. I never really understood why voice chat was inaudible to zombies, but likely it was due to coding limitations.

#14: more diversity of zombies would be nice, but even the same type of zombie should vary from individual to individual. Slightly different movement speeds, animations, and pathfinding.

#15: very unusual niche suggestion. I think setting up belays for rock climbing or rappeling down/up vertical surfaces would make a lot more sense.

#16: Ziplines could work well in accordance with rock climbing belays.


Oil directly from the ground isn’t used in cars or planes. Petroleum needs to be processed to get kerosene, gasoline, and diesel.

This would cause players to prefer using third party voice chats like Discord, and discourage people to use the in-game voice chat to communicate with people they don’t know yet.

Fuck, my damage went down by 10%, i need to sing with the birds…
Just… no…

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Too much disney for you

Wait so in 4.0 suppressors will behave like they do in real life. Without a suppressor shooting a gun will be loud and with a suppressor the noise is just not as loud

  1. Strongly disagree, unfitting in a survival game, or survival in general. If you’re in prison with nothing to do, then yeah, you need a pass time before you go insane. But in a survival situation, survival is the passtime. Looking for food, water, shelter, and defending yourself are a passtime.
  2. Agree, liking the idea
  3. Agree, liking the idea
  4. Agree, already under development
  5. Mildly disagree, not everywhere around the map is a water pump. Let’s just keep our water supply from the rain. Less complexity for us and Nelson
  6. Already suggested
  7. Already suggested with more depth and addition by multiple people including me
  8. Already suggested
  9. It’s ok, but i don’t have strong feelings towards it
  10. Nah, wouldn’t be fun if you could simply steal furniture from map-made houses
  11. Somewhat agree
  12. Nelson already talked about this and is will work on it
  13. Disagree. It’s too much complexity
  14. …sure
  15. Ice Pick* already planned, but shouldn’t be as effective
  16. Already suggested multiple times
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That’s how it works in almost all games. No one said that they become 100% silent

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