Some problems with email recovery

So far, I LOVE the forums, but I had a problem upon joining that made me lose the first account I made.

When I joined at first, I accidently put my email with a .clm for the account email, and when trying to edit it it told me I wasn’t authorized to. Then, when I tried to regreister under the same name, it told me that username was already taken.

Altough the forums work seamlessly other than that, it’s obvious that dead accounts will become a larger occurance when the forums become popular.

The account I was using was named Ring, and I was on mobile, if that helps. Just wanted to provide some feedback and maybe get some help :grin:

If possible, have account/email verification before account creation?

To recover your Roadrunner Email Account it looks like you’ll have to follow the instructions on the page you linked to, e.g. calling their support phone number.

:thinking: Wondering if this thread somehow wound up in the search results for “email recovery”, or elaborate troll.