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"Solid Color Vehicles" Appreciation Thread
Highlighting Something Highlights The Entire Object

I just noticed that heli one XD


You shouldn’t give a man this kind of power.


lol good one




Although I’ve seen reports of this bug a couple times now, I haven’t had it happen to me personally. What’s your specs? Are you sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date?


Its the outlines of the cars not the cars them selfs


I’m aware. That doesn’t answer my question though.


I think we should start an external meme thread about this now.


Also im on a mac


this could make some great memes



I get this bug too. Neslon thix plz


I had this trigger for me while switching rendering mode and going into third person, it only happened to me while in third person. It fixed itself when in first person. I was on whatever the legacy rendering mode is when the bug happened. I don’t have my exact specs off hand (plus at the time of writing I am out of the house) but I am currently, and at the time of the bug, running a gtx 1060 3gb and intel i7 processor. I could update this comment when I get home though. I could also dig up gifs of the bug happening

shit wait I’m not op


that explains it.


Yes, also i don’t really care


are you on a mac


hey guys

whats a danaby


not to sure


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(will get images tomorrow) Basically, when you select something in the map editor/hover over a usable thing ingame the entire object changes colour instead of just the edges. It makes map editing literally unplayable.