Some suggestions for easier map/mod making

Since unturned 2 is going to be more friendly to mods and custom content I thought I would make a few suggestions to make map and mod making easier.

  1. A color slider for objects like books and beds instead of having a few preset colors and nothing else
  2. An simple objects editor to make custom items and objects like houses for custom maps and mods. You could also make terrain textures and roads In this editor. I thought this was a good suggestion because for a lot of people the learning curve to programs like blender keeps them from making mods. But it needs to be simple though. There would be various preset shapes like for doors and windows that you could put on the object so it is the right size
  3. An overgrowth tool to bake foliage on buildings
  4. Multiplayer map making (not sure if this is planned or not )
  5. A simple to use editor not unlike the normal editor is now. Not like the devkit editor though because I find that it’s hard to use and learn. but it would still have tools like landscape holevolume.

this would be nice

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