Some Suggestions For UII

Here are some suggestions i’ve been thinking about:

1:Military surplus stores
Good for some old fashioned military gear like old uniforms,footwear,gas mask(Canadian C3,Gp 5),maybe some firearms or melee weapons,possibly some old military vehicles.
2:More wild animals variations like raccoons,rats,bores,foxes.

3:Rabid animals and rabies shots,wild animals like raccoons are sometimes infected with
rabies,and if the player is not careful he can get the disease,witch will need rabies shots for treatement or will die in coupe weeks/days.This is a good feature to start players engaging wild animals more careful and not just yolo kill them.

4:Animal Companions/pets:a dog would be a good example for a lil helpful friend during your journey.

5:Car junkyards,good for finding spare car parts or maybe some cars witch will need some repairs before being able to run.

6:Walkie Talkie frequencies(more channels for communication)

7:Traveling hordes,hordes that move around the map.

8:Moving Zombies,not like the zombies in unturned 3.0 that are just idling,zombies that roam around the city/area in witch they are spawned.

9:When you start off locations should have electricity for a couple of days before a huge blackout.

10:Roads become destroyed over time(i made a concept)

That’s all i got for now,let me know what you think.


Though keep in mind that the wishlist isn’t a reliable source because it’s just a wishlist, but the zombie roaming part is already confirmed- i think.


Since Bit already took out the parts that were already on the trello, I will do my part by critiquing this post.

  1. These stores should be empty/have common~rare items. A good (but not new) idea
  2. This was already suggested countless times, however, no one specifically asked for raccoons, foxes, and bores. Maybe people have, but not many.
  3. This surprised me as an actually decent idea for awhile. However, to make things simpler, we could add froth coming out of their mouths to help distinguish which animal has this disease. And being bit by these will deplete your immunity bit by bit as time goes by if left untreated. Giving you blurry vision, with froth coming out of your mouth so others (including you) can know what is wrong with you.
  4. Bit talked
  5. Nothing new
  6. Nothing new from 3.x, just needs some tweaking
  7. Already suggested
  8. Already suggested
  9. This could be a good idea, but useless in the long run, because this will start when the server itself starts and when people join, it’ll be useless wall of code for Nelson. Not to mention that it doesn’t add up to the feel of a post-apocalyptic scenario for the city to still have power
  10. This will have a huge impact on the computer, especially when it comes to big graphical changes which give no change to the gameplay

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