Some things that ruin the game

Right so, a few months back I made a huuuuge thread about bug reports and exploits in the steam discussion in hopes of Nelson getting it, even emailed him about it but he didnt respond, it contained major exploits including the bug that thejers reported about godmode+vanish.(rip debuggers beret) So, I just thought I’d write about some exploits/bad features here, don’t know if I should but here we go.

  1. The bedroll abuse.
    Whats the use for food and water? just get a bedroll, place it, respawn on it, voila! full food and water, even health,infection etc… True, you lose skills, but does it really matter that much? I don’t think skills make a huge difference on a vanilla server since most people just select the spec ops skillset and permanently max out the accuracy skills, or the police, which are the only important ones for pvp(which btw is the whole game about rn ; pvp).

  1. Car abuse.
    Want wood ezpz? Get a car, ram it into a tree. The tree falls, free logs. Repair your car with a handy dandy blowtorch and repeat process until you make the biggest base ever!

  1. Zombie killing.
    Killing zombies is so easy, just get a melee, chop chop on the head two times and they’re dead(assuming normal difficulty;stun enabled to make it easier;non helmet zombie). Tbh this is one of the main reasons the game is about pvp all the time! What is a zombie survival game without having to fear them! Its all about getting the biggest guns, strongest bases, largest ‘clans’ now! Where did the old times go, when you would rely on makeshift gear, people to survive the night with,craft bows and nailbats not c4 and rockets!

  1. Car physics.
    Car physics = :poop:.
    like, seriously… Fix it idk how to describe it well but like, drive a car off a cliff and you’ll know what i mean.

  1. Zombies(especially megas)'s pathfinding need to be improved.
    Again, really easy to kill zombies, especially with the pathfinding they possess right now. I mean (unrelated btw) just making the bodies have collision enabled would make it harder, you won’t be able to run through them anymore(especially when there are hordes and you just run past them randomly knifing any zombie in it).
    Lets talk about megas now. They should be the big boss zombie everyone should fear right?(excluding minibosses and lava/pirate boss). For the loot they give they’re pretty easy to kill.
    For eg- russia: Mega spawns at volk, you aggro him, run to the gym area, jump on top of wall, he comes to you, you lie down and knife him in head without taking any damage(even boulders wont hit)! Its just very abusive, and easy to do. There was a time when no one knew about this and killing megas was harder, but now most of the community knows about this.

6.Inventory system.(ik this is planned for 4.x)
You wear a backpack which gives you 5x5 slots(backpack takes up 2x2 slots). and you can store more backpacks in it. Logic? None. pls fix.
Honestly, this could be fixed by reintroducing the weight system from 2.0, best served with making heavy guns harder to run/walk with.(like yeah sprint and bhop with a hells fury)

Might edit or comment about more points later, gtg as of now.


Pretty inefficient method. Use a chainsaw/jackhammer and it’d be faster, plus you get thousands of experience easily.

You can’t store stuff in backpacks if they’re not being worn. A 2x2 of space isn’t useful at all, even if items stacked. Tbh, irl I can store multiple backpacks in my backpack also.

  1. Inefficient method all be it still a method. When you can’t find an axe/chainsaw its pretty op.

  2. Can you store multiple hells furies inside your travel pack?

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I’d should hope so with how many guns thrown at us via Carepackages. x.x


“Hey, what would be cooler, sending supplies so they can survive or guns so we get an real life Hunger Games.”

“Hunger Games it is.”


Hmm not sure if making a bedroll is called survivng :thinking:

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I agree with the bedroll abuse
I agree with the car physics
I also agree with the xombie’s very poor health

But I disagree with using cars to choo trees. Because first of all, cars are very rare to find online. Second, a blowtorch is also a rare find. And wasting time going back and forth to bash a pine tree. That doesn’t seem efficient.

There’s a 25% chance for a chainsaw to drop in farms. If not, go to a fire station. There’s always a fireaxe there. Always. Gives you EXP too. But again, the Chainsaw is pretty common. Cars are VERY rare because every person hides them in his/her base. Not to mention blowtoches.

Inventory system is fine as it is because an empty bag can fit inside another bag. Weight system is already in the trello and I personally want this. Limiting the players to how much they can carry. Also reducing movement speed based on the weapon equipped and such


well, using cars to chop trees:

you dont have to keep backing the car back and forth again, just one drive with like 40mph(i may be tremendously wrong) into a tree and it will fall, its actually one of the fastest ways to chop trees, even faster than chainsaws, yes, you dont get exp. But abuse is still abuse. Blowtorches are a decent find, so are the fire axes(pretty common), however once youve got a car and a blowtorch why would someone spend time to go to a farm, risk being shot at, Try to find a chainsaw and return, when he could just abuse with the car? An abusive feature is still an abusive feature nontheless, even if its not quite ‘efficient’(it is btw imo)

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Birch trees are the only trees that need only 1 hit
Pine trees need 2 hits from a car going full speed.

And what kind of luck could a person have that he found a car AND a blowtorch, but not a chainsaw. Most spawn locations are near farms. I once died 3 times in a server. And everytime I respawn, there’s a chainsaw

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you’re missing the point, again.

An abusive feature needs to be fixed even if its not efficient or not many people use it.

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It’s not abusive if it isn’t efficient and it isn’t exploitative. If someone wants to ram trees, let them. They’re not doing themselves any good for the most part. Damaged vehicle, few logs, no experience, wasted time.


but doesn’t it seem unorthodox for a “survival” game? Even though unturned isn’t exactly about survival in 3.0, should this feature remain in 4.x?

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I find that absurd if you’re calling car ramming to a tree unorthodox in a survival game. Desperate measures have to be taken to obtain things you need even if it’s ineffecient, and I find that acceptable in a survival situation

The real abuse is exploiting zombies’ limited combat (e.g. Outside navmesh, on unreachable heights which you can melee their heads), and zombies are something that should really need to be worked on


well, if you put it that way…

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