Some useful features

I was really wishing to see these ideas come to Unturned! First i want to see security cameras. They could be crafted or found but really rarely in police/bank places. Cameras could be crafted with 5 scrap, flashlight, weak glass and a blowtorch. The cameras could only work in the area of a working generator.
Only you or your group can watch them with a tablet. The tablet could only be found in military or police locations, it will drain durability when ever you are using it to look at cameras and when the durability is 0% then it wont work. You can charge up (fix) the tablet when you are holding it in a powered generators area.
The second thing i want is vehicle modifiying and customizing and weapon modification. That would be very nice if you could make say a zubeknakov more acurate at range or make the bullet velocity powerful enough to brake stuff that can only brake high caliber weapons or explosives. And with vehicles you can like buff the up so they are immune to low caliber firearms. But to do that you will need a workbench or for vehicles that vehicle lift thingy. Obviesly that will take resources.
Thanks for reading my sugestions!

(btw english isnt my primary language :stuck_out_tongue:)

I already suggested this about a month ago.
The idea is ok, but just won’t have that much of a good use

cameras and a tablet? have I been browsing the fnaf wiki by any chance?

No xD
Already suggested before.
Not a good idea