Some water container and drinking idea

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This is what I felt sensitively in unturned.

It is a canteen. You can find it at the some campsite. It takes up 2x2 inventory space.

This cans are very simple to use. This can bring water from a river, sea, well, or water tower. And infinitely…But for me, this canteen is only the most useless item.

Because there are many ways to drink water without using Canteen, To summarize, it is easier to drink just one water bottle than to make a large volume of equipment such as Rain Barrel and Water Tank with a lot of metal scrap for smooth use of Canteen.

But obviously Canteen is close to survivors and soldiers, and because it is actually very useful, I think it’s awkward for Canteen to be treated unbelievably at Unturned, a game of the zombie survival genre.

So I put an update on this thread on all drink items, including Canteen.

Below are some of the things you can see in Unturned 4.x Wishlist Trello.
If you have a good idea, share it.

-Now, water bottles are not consumable. You can recycle empty bottles. Empty bottles can be used to hold new water again or be used as other crafting materials. This includes not only water bottles but also Canisters that can hold something. e.g. tin, laboratory flask.

But how good it would be if it worked out as an easy comedy, as most canisters recycle more and more, the quality can get worse.

In particular, bottled water is contained in PET bottles. Compared to Canteen, PET bottles are disposable, so PET bottles can be recycled, but the more you repeat them, the more negative environmental effects you may have, including environmental hormones.

But Canteen is different. Canteen is also durable and easy to carry because it can hold water and is made of sturdy plastic. Whatever Canister can not be used for long, but I can assure you that the bottle can be used much longer than the PET bottle.

-You picked up a Water Bottle rolling on the floor. But, oh that’s to bad. The Water Bottle does not contain 1 ml of water: Yes! Sometimes you may not have the “Drinkable Water” that you need, for all the water bottles you can pick up. But what can I put in this Empty water bottle? It is Water. We have to get to this place where we can find some clean water with this empty bottle. This is the same with Canteen.

-All objects around you can have rainwater and you can drink it. But is it all clean and safe to drink all the rainwater? No way! Some rainwater is too acidic to drink and can be harmful to your health. However, you can find a way to cleanse the dirty water. Handmade water purification filters can separate sediments from dirty water to extract clean water, or purify with a few purifying tablets. If you can not afford to do this, you can boil the water and purify it to a decent level.

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sounds interesting but it would require more space on your computer

This…bad english, but rainwater is clean and pure (usually)

Err… Is that so? as far as I know all of the rainfall is generally harmful.

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Reusing bottles is a must, seems wasteful to just leave such a container behind. Canteens should probably be a 1x2 because as it currently stands, I’ve never had to use a canteen. Always seems like there’s enough bottled water or other consumables laying around which are also 4x smaller AND clean. Which brings me to my next problem, the Canteens almost always give dirty water…even from towers (unless that was changed again).

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That’s because you’re supposed to use rain barrels for automatically clean water. It’s useful if you want to be self-sustaining, at the very least.

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Rain barrels are a good system but that being your only option (with the canteen) to obtain clean water…not so much. As for the “self-sustaining,” it doesn’t rain enough to actually just have one due to the canteen taking an entire barrel. Using them in large numbers would require protection…which would require a base. I don’t need to go into depth about as we all (should) know how easy it is to raid.

Rain barrels only losing about 10-20% per use would make them more viable.

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I think that a good solution to this should be the ability to craft a solar still.

Crafting: 1x Nylon, 4x Stick, 2x Plant Seeds, Requires a hole to be dug.

And yes, I think holes should be added.
AND NO, they are not going to be there uncontrollably by players, holes should only be dug if a structure were to be in its place. This would allow for some nice basements!

What happens when you destroy the structure then? :thinking:

the hole would disapear deleting everything that was underneath it and throw the player out of the server
just kidding but yeah i can see how the holes would be a bad idea

The hole disappears and the terrain is restored (not realistic, but kinda realistic).

What if there’s loot in there? :thinking: Just create trap bases that self-detonate when raided. Make everyone lose everything.

Maybe there should be a de-spawn time of holes? Maybe the server owners could set it?

Also, you can just get a charge and blow your base to hell, wouldn’t that destroy it though?
Plus, if you want to log off and create a “self destruct when raided mechanism” just place some claymores behind doors.

I don’t get ya. :thinking:

In the context of this post. Destroying it is the point, because there’s no actual loot inside, and people just end up having their inventories shot under the map.

Regardless, I am questioning whether or not there’s any actual benefit to this besides the aesthetic coolness. If it’s meant to encourage a different form of base design, then the problem is that it seems like it’d be awful on raiding mechanics. (Not just trap bases, but underground networks being loaded and going across the map, and people randomly entering claimed areas you can’t reach underground, etc.)

I just don’t see a benefit to this being a gameplay mechanic, and atm I don’t think Unturned needs any sort of terraforming-like features. :thinking:

As well as that, the loot (and players) could be teleported to the top!

^^^^^^ This could be cool. Yeah but still, that’s the admin’s responsibility. Deleting structures that lag the place and also there is a system for how long the structures are around.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense.

Assuming claims are still a thing, you could just put your claim flag (or other similar item) underground. Raiding becomes far more difficult, especially when the only entrance to that claim flag is far several 100 meters away in-game.

Then, if you blow too much up while raiding, you have this base stuck underground that you can never reach unless the original base builds manage to build to it, which would be difficult unless building was always based on a grid-like system. If it wasn’t, then it’d be like trying to rebuild your base on Unturned 3 after someone destroys the bottom floor (except now you can’t see it).

Since bases are now always underground, you never have an idea how large a base is. This discourages everyone but the alpha tribes from raiding, because the beta tribes will have a theoretical 50/50 chance of that 1x1 birch hut being a 10x10 base underground. Alpha tribes could even get discouraged from raiding, too, because that 1x1 birch hut might actually just be a 1x1 birch hut and nothing more. There’s no way to perceive base size when all of it is not able to seen.

That wouldn’t work in all cases either though. The person who made the base can make it so they’d still instantly die after teleportation. Either by having a base slightly above where they get teleported from with sentries, or by having a minefield / barbed wire field on the surface where they’ll get teleported.

With this current suggestion, being able to terraform in any way would require that to be permanent, unless terraformed again.

Here’s my concept of an unraidable base using this proposed system:

I don’t think this makes the game better, although iirc I probably supported terraforming initially in some way when originally being experimented with for Unturned 3. However, I don’t see a reason for it to make an appearance for 4.x either.

The suggestion may possibly make building more fun to some players. It does nothing, however, to “fix raiding,” or “fix skybases.” If anything, this (in its currently proposed form, at least) is more annoying than a skybase, and brings raiding to be too much of a chore rather than balanced.

Instead: I think we should focus on encouraging land bases, city bases, and underwater bases. All three of those are things that were intended to exist in Unturned 3, but seem to not (and when they do, they’re at a great disadvantage). If people want underground bases, the game should focus on delivering better “hole volumes” or other similar map-editor tools to allow for properly functioning/rendering/non-game-killing-from-lag caves/tunnels. Or, there could be a structural support system added as a way to counter skybases. I don’t think skybases were being factored into the suggestion, but I’d rather the game avoid re-gaining its current problems on top of more stuff.

Let building mechanics be what’s most healthy.



No, in fact in a survival situation gathering rainwater is typically one of your main sources of drinking water

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Well, that’s right.

But I hope that its process is realistically handled within the game.

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