Some weapons i would like to see in unturned II

A 45-70 caliber lever action rifle. Very powerful but accuracy is low and only some scopes can be fitted on to it.

An M1 garand. Powerful weapon that could be rarely found at areas such as farms and camps. It would be a very good rifle available to beginners helping with the issue of having fully geared people hunting beginners for sport as they would have a fighting chance. Also this gun was never added to 3.0 by nelson so it would be nice to see one.

A 5.56x45 semi automatic varmint rifle with 8 round magazine. It would add some nice variety to the civilian weapons table.

A big bore air rifle. It would be somewhat silent and a nice thing to have for variety.

A .38 acp pistol. Would be similiar to pistols chambered in 9mm but slightly weaker and lower recoil.


I’d like to see more makeshift weapons, as well as more unique ammo types. Plus weapons in general should be much rarer; right now they are way too common!

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I’d like to see melee weapons with better mechanics than in the original versions of Unturned/Deadzone, weapons that fill a niche between melee weapons and modern military firearms, and makeshift versions of both of the preceding items.


they should make a gun that shoots fists

All they need to do is make guns rarer, since this is a zombie apocalypse. If that does happen they can work on adding better melee and low tier weapons such as bows and spears.

But with guns being rarer, massive groups that hoard good guns will be dominant, with normal players being left with practically nothing. There’s a balance to be made between guns being rare to an abundance, and this is definitely not it.


That will happen no matter what. It even happens now, in Unturned. A group that’s only been playing for a week on Russia will still only have basic weapons and attachments, whereas a top group will have maxed everything. It won’t make a difference.

If anything, making guns rarer will fix the problem because more advanced groups will be more careful and won’t want to lose their guns. It will also even the playing field.

If guns are rarer however, the more advanced groups will have an easier time due to most other players having basic gear, or no gear at all. An even playing field is not one where some people get a lucky spawn and others have knives, an even playing field is where any group can get on, get decently equipped in a moderate period of time and then go on from there.

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So you are saying that during a zombie apocalypse weapons should be incredibly common? That would ruin gun-play and the leveling system. I’d say the solution would be to make guns rarer, much much rarer, but to have server wipes often like on Rust so that groups can’t get too OP.

You’ve misconstrued my argument, trying to say I want them to be incredibly common. I’d advocating for weapons to be spread out like Russia for instance, which is an incredibly good map IMO for balancing weapons. In a zombie apocalypse I believe more weapons would definitely be out on the streets than usual since it’s a zombie apocalypse where people would be actively looking for and neutralising the threat.

How about Monthly player, inventory, & crate wipes, and Bi-Monthly Map Wipes? Plus a map set-up like Russia so there is a clear-progression system, but this time supplemented by quests, interactive AI, and maybe even enemy factions (as well as their AI that can attack you). Weapons and general supplies need to be much rarer, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make makeshift weapons, and gun-play should be more realistic meaning it no longer takes like 6 rifle shots to kill someone; more like 2.
This way new players would still stand a chance, but it would be more realistic.

I think wipes would be better if they wipe the entire map, including player data (especially to reset possible faction affiliations with NPCs). A loot progression system like Russia is always ideal but means fuck-all when the ‘loot’ is nowhere to be found. As well as that, you’d rather force players to use quests and AI to get this loot (since just finding it would be a waste of time) which means players have a much more restricted choice.

It’s nice you actually mention makeshift weapons, but again, a makeshift weapon would be a lot harder to make if supplies are rarer. Making gunplay realistic (or improving it at the very least) is a much better system to even a playing field compared to ‘make loot harder for people to find to make game realistic’ approach. A system where guns are less varied makes an even playing field. Making those guns hard to find does not. By making them hard to find, you make it so players are demotivated (ever tried finding a stealy-wheely and it just won’t spawn?) and may make them just give up after being killed for the tenth time by people who were lucky.

Actually I agree. You are right. But certain items do need to be rare nonetheless, such as ammo. If we do indeed make gunplay more realistic, and make it take less ammo to kill someone then you really do not need tons of ammo. Also, currently players who aren’t very good are rewarded too much as missing shots with an automatic weapon does mot have many consequences given the fact that ammo is too common; it needs to be rarer.

Another plus of having rarer ammo is that it will technically make guns less used, since ammo is so hard to come by!

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Ammo is definitely a good way of balance. Common types (9mm, 5.56x45mm etc) would be well, more common seeing as they’re used in a lot of guns. Ammo that is used in niche, perhaps more powerful weapons would be rarer. It’s an entirely realistic system and makes players think more about using ammo.

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Since advanced customization is a reality in the game, I’d like to see a customizable makeshift gun where you could expand from a simple receiver using various parts to make what you want whether it’s a conventional design (e.g. Basic rifle, machine gun) or an odd design.


That would be amazing. There are a number of mods in Unturned I that sort of allow you to do this, such as this one:

But having actually modifiable weapons, other than just makeshift ones, would be cool. It could also even out the playing field. We could maybe have a weapon crafting system where you can either find an already complete weapon or you find weapon parts and have to make it yourself, such as on the AR15 platform.

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