Some Zombie Type Of Thing Suggestion

Roaming Zombie Hordes: They are hordes that come to your home and start to break in unless taken care of by killing them

Zombie animals: Not all animals should become zombies but what about some dog zombie that can detect you from farther than the zombie by smell

Screamer (Like from 7DTD): this zombie type would scream and attract more zombie to the locations, might be good use to make people team more to take care of them

Sleepers (Like from 7DTD): they seem like they’re dead but are just “sleeping” till they are awoken by you, can also make loot-able bodies a good thing


If it is a horde, that comes to your house, what’s the point of having a screamer or the sleeper?

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Sleepers yes, but I don’t know how I feel about screamers


I think this has been suggested a lot but yeah…

Screamers can come with the horde and order backup till you kill it and sleepers are for the towns only

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Personally, in hordes, the screamer could be switched to a turn that would spawn to other turneds.

I see the screamer being more useful in cities or houses, that after he detects it he will scream, attracting attention of all the other turns.

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