Something Along The Lines of a Cringey Space-Themed Undertale Meme Thread

You could consider This The Rpg thread v2 if you want. Basic rules but with a story that stays in order and progresses

A child fell and broke their neck.

That’s all folks!

Reset … And repeat 2562836 times

You’re going to have…a BAD EQUAL TIME.

Then suddenly some weirdd moose mom comes and fixes your neck

“Welcome to hell child. I will this you through the cancer grounds of this forum”

The timeline has changed so much that the surface is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, well 200 years after one started. Also, I know what your talking about and can be backtrack for a bit? That au is horrifying.

Well the au you are referencing anyways.

Wtf is a au?

Alternate Universe
It’s an Undertale thing

Some undertale bs “alternate universe”

Those Damn timechanging alternate universes

Probably cause the game itself mentions them.
And the second game is based in another au/timeline than the undertale one.

Right so whats the story

more epic idea: undertale but it’s unturned

Million dollar idea from mister

Anybody else?

Everybody is gone, and your all alone. You die from there being no food as your travel the underground.


It’s fuckin sans but he has his flesh and shit