Something I want to say about the preview version


The Game loads very fast. Good job Nelson, keep up the great work.

And now for some suggestions, if not already done. I think that there should be a system where the game loads faces you only see. And if possible, can you make the game load mods and other things that are not map assets in the loading screen, and load maps in the map loading screen.


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I think this is already confirmed…? Not sure though, but anything that increases optimization is something that I’m behind.


no. I’m talking about the Unturned 3 preview


Faces as in mesh faces?

That’d be a really big change you’d be asking to make to for something major like how the game renders.


Sorry I thought it was simple to do.


Ah, really sorry about that, I was thinking about the UII demo and I recall people talked about how it loaded in really fast, coupled along with the fact that you were talking about performance…