Something to do with the UII beta key

If you already own UII, the key just sits on your inventory and can’t be traded and can only be deleted. Aside from using it to get UII, there should be something else that you could use it for, like trade it in for a unique cosmetic or something like that.

It’s a pretty unique item, so it’d be a shame just to delete it. Just a small suggestion, but I think it’d be cool :smiley:


Well it’s like a movie ticket, proof that you own the game. The reward you get is to be able to play the game, no point in deleting it nor to receive anything else out of it for UI.


Well, I owned UII before the tickets were a thing for being a Forum regular, so when I recieved the key for playing the number of hours required it was useless, there wasn’t anything else I could do with it so it just sits in my inventory.

I didn’t need “proof that I own the game” before I recieved the thing, nor do I really get a “reward” from it because it’s useless to me, I already owned the game before I got it.

I imagine it gets removed from your inventory when you use it to get the game, right? So I can only delete it, or it just sits in my inventory. It’d be cool if you could use it to get a “ticket hoodie” or something like that instead


As a man who is jealous of you playing the game, and even more jealous of you owning two keys I would say, too bad!

EDIT: A wild turn of events occurred, and now I agree with what you said lmao

This post sounds oddly familiar…oh

I still hold the opinion from my original comment, that being I also still think it’d be cool if you had the ability to somehow lend the pass to one friend of your choosing at any given time.

Having a full-blown cosmetic just for owning a spare pass might come off as a bit elitist to some as well.


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