Sonic Movie has just found Jesus


still looks gay

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but hell its better than first trailer

Edit: though it still is fucking crazy insane


Certainly looks better than the original, but with the style of him not inducing vomit therefor allowing me to actually watch the trailer, i can now see some very immediately pressing issues.

Why could they not get the original actor from the 3D sonic games to his voice? The actor here isn’t awful, but he’s not Sonic.

Also, is Sonic the only actual sonic character we’ll see? That’s pretty lame.

And by the way, this is literally sonic adventure/sonic X/sonic unleashed: the movie. Sonic in real-life has been done to death.

He still doesn’t even look very good. There is no reason to not make him look 1:1 exactly like Forces sonic. That’s the form we’re all most familiar with.

Honestly, i know this is a huge surprise, but i think this might not turn out very good.


retired maybe?

meh, I fine with only sonic. I feel like if there were extra characters like tails or knuckles the film wouldn’t be too good? besides, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and whoever else in sonics fapoff club have been in too many games, so its nice just seeing one character.

that’s because you can make a cheap and easy story out of it

when has a videogame movie ever turned out to be good?

The Recent Resident Evil film has a 37% on Rotten Tomatoes
Super Mario Movie gets a 23% on Rotten Tomatoes
and World of Warcraft gets 28% on Rotten Tomatoes

at best (and since im feeling generous) this film Might get a measle 63-65% on Rotten Tomatoes

Uh, ye. There’s Jim Carry. Doctor Eggman. Big boy egg head. Eggy head man of doctor. Physician Eggplant man. 9 out of ten doctors recommend: EGG (man). Oval man with egg on face. Doctorio Eggio.

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this is way better


It’s better than whatever the fuck that last thing was.

Also, to @Pesticide, Rotten Tomatoes sucks now. I mean case and point, Sticks and Stones vs Knock the House Down. The opinions of the fart huffing critics are garbage tier.

o i am fully aware of how bias rotton tomatoes is. but nobody is gonna argue that the super Mario movie was on point since… ehhhugh…

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I’m still upset that this got absolutely shit on by critics yet everyone I know who’s seen it says it was great.


He could be dead, retired, or he just disappeared off the face of the earth.

blue arms

this is never not going to annoy me

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Okay, boomer.

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Chaotic, Noisy and needs more of an Attachment to Spider-Man?

First off Chaotic and Noisy, isn’t that what supervillains are for?

Second off what does “needs more of an attachment to Spider-Man” mean?


The critic consensus is referring to the Spider-Man universe, not the character specifically. I still think it’s a lazy critique, but because it’s a “general consensus” it’s understandable lackluster.

This “new” design certainly looks better, but it feels familiar somehow…

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