Sooo, is this game officially dead?

Sooo, its been forever since there has been any progress updates to this beta.

I received the game through playing for the required amount of time and well, nothing really happens.

So in conclusion. Is this game abandoned to focus entirely on U3, using what he learnt and produced instead to “fix” the original game.?

Any development on Unturned II was indefinitely paused 2 years ago (see: Unturned II Development Paused and One year later). Some of those planned features have made their way into Unturned instead, or are likely to make their way into the game in the future.


Its the reason why I want people to add their own mods to this, it is such a great start. My favorite part is stacking those canted rails.

Nothing stopping you from making mods for it, it would probably require some sort of mod hosting website. It’s not at all on Nelson to set up steam workshop and modding support for a game he isn’t actively working on.

No modding support stops attempts to make mods for it though, you can do the assets but not use them for anything.

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Plenty of games without official modding support have mods

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I would love for unturned 2 to be remade into a community ran game. Where maps and everything else is made by the fellow players

And keep that you have to play U3 to unlock it

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Maybe for games that are already popular. With a game as early in development as UII, I don’t think many people would attempt to add modding support to it.

I don’t see Nelson adding modding support to a game he isn’t developing, so I said that since that’s the only possible way mods could be added to Unturned 4.0

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