Sound and Voice Chat Overhaul

Have you ever noticed how every time you look at the Unturned 4 forums, you don’t really see anything about sound being discussed. This buggs me a lot, because I think that a good game is made up of about 30% gameplay, 40% sound and 30% visuals. With over a third of the game’s composition being totally neglected, I demand a change.

So first off, let’s address the issue.

The issue is that there is no way of mapping sound distribution or echoes. Sound just distributes itself around in a radius around the source.

At the moment, Unturned 3’s sound system is as follows: The further away the player is from an object emitting sound, the more quiet it should be. When the player turns, the sound should follow the rotation creating a “surround” effect.

This might seem fine at first, right? The farther you are from something, the less you’ll hear. And truthfully, if you stood in an open field and a person spoke right in front of you (in a perpendicular angle), it would seem fine.

But what happens when we add walls? See, when walls are added into our sound setup, things change a little. In unturned 3, nothing changes. It’s like the game ignores walls and obstacles and just imagines you are in an open field. Here is a demonstration:


(Note that the little box is a wall)

“Why is this a problem?”, you might ask. Well imagine you’re trying to stay quiet and rob a bank the stealthy way in Unturned 3. The moment you shout the people down, the police station a mile down the road is gonna hear you, as well as any pedestrians strolling on the outside.

All right, now that we have addressed the issue, let’s fix it! Introducing… directional sound and voice chat. Now how this works is, that the sound gets louder if the source is facing towards you. In addition to that, solid materials such as concrete or wood can now muffle sound. (depending on material)

If you can’t get your head around this, here is a demonstration:

Demonstration #2

In this situation, everything would work fine! No one except the people inside might hear what you’re saying. Maybe if a pedestrian pays attention while walking outside, they might pick something up. Perfect!

All and all, I would absolutely LOVE if this was implemented into the game. It would put a strain on sound cards and processors, but in the long run, the game will sound AND look amazing!

Let me know how I could improve this.

  • The current sound system is fine as it is.
  • The current sound system is fine as it is, although it should get some tweaking
  • The sound system should be overhauled entirely.

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If you’re lazy like me, just read the text around the demonstrations and you’ll get what’s being talked about. Everything around it is pretty much introductions and conclusions.

I wanted to make a post related to Unturned voice chat system, but i glad that i dont have to anymore.
Good post however.

I believe UE4 would probably have a seperate sound system that can either be expanded on or is already better than what is used in 3.0. I agree with everything in this post.


I’m too lazy to write something here.

One thing I can say about it — C O O L


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I would like there to be a different sound system (who wouldn’t) but I don’t think it needs to be a critical change, hence why I voted for just tweaking.

also he needs to fix the actual sound settings or something cause almost everyone i see has their sounds at some setting <10 and to even have a small possibility of hearing vc you have to turn inbound gain to 400! and even then you often cant hear people (who else agrees lmao)

We for sure need a better sound system. I’d like it if certain sounds were also influenced in certain ways. One example would be footsteps, where the more stuff a player has, the louder their footsteps are.

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tl;dr: Bring Escape From Tarkov levels of sound quality to Unturned 4.0.

My opinion: 100% support

Literally anyone who doesn’t understand the post: watch EFT gameplay


and a fix to sound levels eh you support that too?

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