Sound is whack


It’s really annoying how someone is running around on grass and audio is literally nonexistent until he reaches a certain distance (say 15m which is too late to realize) but yet, you still hear a gunshot from miles away, even with a suppressor.
I say, allow player movement to make sound no matter the distance (maybe up to 100m), but it gets muffled the farther the person is. Not fully mute their footsteps beyond 20m range. Because when someone is withing the 20m range and rushing you, by the time you hear them and turn around, they’d be right up in your face. Like, the footstep fade in/out is so fast, you can’t tell if they stopped or they fully ran away.
This ain’t Siege, but as a survival game, you should be able to use all of your senses at max potential


Honestly I’ve heard .50 cal shots quieter than Unturned footsteps with no sneakybeaky upgrades


They are loud when you’re near them
But they’re quieter than a church mouse beyond unreasonably small distances


Im pretty sure this is kind of already implemented/planned. (I am basing my assumption on the devlog where nelson showed us the bush sounds).


Yeah, but that’s for 4.x
I’m talking about 3.x