Sound Propagation

How everyone in here know. The sound have your speed.
In Earth that song propage in ~343m/s or 1125.33 Fps

but why add sound propagation its important?

Im play a Batle Royal and he have bullet travel speed. But dont have sound propagation… Result i fighting with a sniper, and i know the hour to remove my face because i know that bullet incoming in my direction simple.

-Song Speed (on earth) ~1125Fps

To had idea is possible shoot a arrow at 400Fps in a compound bow

Shoot Speed - It dependent from de tip of projectly but near than

800 ~ 2700Fps (Modern Weapons)
~ 5577 Fps (Most modern Rifles Bullets like “.220 Swift”)
393 ~ 1200 Fps (Musket)

And shoot to floor increase projectly speed at 10 m/s

Removing tecnic terms is just the bullet arrive before the sound

I liked this better.


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