Sounds everywhere

why the sound of the box is heard everywhere?

I’m surprised that you’re hearing it everywhere, rather than faintly. With your current settings, it should be 3D sound that can be heard very faintly, when really close to your object.

I wasn’t able to replicate your issue, but you may consider trying a Linear Rolloff instead of a Logarithmic Rolloff.

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It’s supposed to work fine, but it happens, and for some reason I hear on the left what I should hear on the right too, i’ll test your solution.

It sounds good, removing the part of the problem that I mentioned before
and to kill 2 birds with one stone, another problem with the boxes is that it doesn’t change from model 0 to model 1 when I destroy it

Did you attach your Destroy Event Hook to the object that’s getting destroyed (or isn’t active)? If you haven’t aleady: you should attach it to a different, non-destroyed, active GameObject instead.

It’s linked to the live object, ill try What you said
alive box

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