Spawn as a small level of skills based on the profession

Currently we can choose the profession of our avatar, but does not interfere with anything other than appearing in different clothes in singleplayer mode, but what if we spawn with a certain level of skills, depending on our professions? (worth it to the servers as well), example a farmer spawns with a considerable level of planter that a policeman and the farmer do not lose those skills when dies beyond being better Taming horses, police officers have a level (not the maximum) melee lesser recoil in pistols, woodcutters knock down trees faster and have fewer recoil with hunting rifles (I also consider lumberjack hunters), thieves have edging skills, and so on, I really think we would need to balance this as one example would be to reach certain levels and achievements to create avatars with professions of this type and until we did not obtain them, we could have only civilian avatars or no initial skills and we would lose all the skills acquired depending on the times in which we died as it is today, does? think?


Professions prop wont be a thing in 4.x, if they are then this will most likely happen.

I didnt really enjoy the whole concept of choosing your profession and skillset. Maybe just because half of the playerbase constantly went with Spec Ops and it felt more like a failed attempt of pushing the game in a more survival-y direction. (Not to be too critical or anything)

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I was thinking that we could not choose military or operatives of special forces since everyone was trying to control the turned and well the Apocalypse happened and the military mainly died.

Every time someone brings up skillsets as part of an Unturned II suggestion i feel obliged to point out that skillsets are just bad in every way.

I feel I’ve already provided a better alternative in the Skill System Overhaul, but even without regarding that, skillsets are just illogical and generally only promote exploiters.


This goes against the whole principle that in Unturned II, you’re supposed to be a regular civilian survivor and not some military spec ops commando with super tactical training or something. ignore that


I commented that we could not be this, besides we did not spawn with clothes.

Oh whoops, I misread that


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