Spawn selection plugin

I need a plugin that allows you to select the point or team you want to be in to spawn in a certain place

Hi, I don’t think the SDG Forum is the best place to post requests like this (if someone does reply though, :+1:). I definitely think most of us plugin developers are looking at GitHub rather than here (sorry Molt :rofl:, but it appears to be true). I would recommend visiting ImperialPlugins and UnturnedStore to see if there are related plugins, and also make requests on the corresponding Discords for those websites.

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JDance is correct that if you’re looking for a specific type of plugin, there’s third-party sites that may be helpful to check first (similar to how the easiest way to look for a specific type of mod would be to check the Steam Workshop first).

Something similar could be said for requests regarding new community-made plugins too, although it doesn’t hurt to ask here either.

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