Spawning with Clothes?

I understand if this was 3.0, but 4.0 is said to be harder, your fists probably wont do anyhting againist the zombies and some food, some. A bottle of water and a can of beans is not an mre, they are only if ur really thirsty and really hungry

If everyone spawns with a melee weapon, then fists being ineffective wouldn’t really make the game harder.

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this only works on singleplayer

Yea but what if he adds it to multiplayer

This is best left in Easy mode IMO. It would give poor sacks a chance at the game (If normal gameplay isn’t a walk in the park).

As for the starting items, I’d prefer it being clothing only. Though it would also depend what kind of professions the game would feature.


I suggest spawning with civilian clothes and possibly being able to choose a skillset without effecting apparel

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