Spawntables, workshop-non natural spawns into vanilla spawns

I would like to learn how to actually set up tables, I have looked around and experimented with other steam topics and other troubleshooting all across reddit and other sites but I could not learn how to make actual spawntables for a multiplayer server for me and my friends.

I tried using the map editor, duplicating the map and .unlocker-ing it adding my own gear spawns but they just seem like to spawn normal vanilla items such as flares and flashlights even though I’m pretty sure I have done everything correct except for that Asset ID option in the editor who is generally left blank.

Can I just create a third party mod or something similar that could also be implemented into multiplayer, I actually do not really care what the method is I just need a properly working one.

I will give any information that is required for this topic, please do help.

Are you trying to replace the vanilla spawns entirely or add in new items to them? I don’t know too much about spawns beyond just checking the .dat files myself though.

No, I’m just trying to add modded items to original vanilla spawns

Like, modded item -----> military spawns or food spawns

This is the format for it, don’t know if you’ve already seen this though. Official documentation is at Spawn Assets — Unturned 0.1 documentation

Roots are the IDs of the tables you’re inserting your custom spawns into.
Tables are the items/spawn tables that are being inserted.
If you want to insert another spawn table instead of an item, change Asset_ID to Spawn_ID.
Weight isn’t a percent, you’ll need to check the spawn tables you’re editing either in the dat files or in-game to see what the value translates to.

Type Spawn
ID 1234

Tables 2
Table_0_Asset_ID 363
Table_0_Weight 10
Table_1_Asset_ID 4
Table_1_Weight 25

Roots 2
Root_0_Spawn_ID 540
Root_0_Weight 5
Root_2_Spawn_ID 542
Root_2_Weight 5

So let me get this straight,

ID 1234 Translates to in-game spawntable’s ID such as Police-low which is 546 and Police-high which is 548, this is the whole parent of the table (this is the whole id, and it probably has more than one table because of the diversity in drops)

Tables are the items that are getting inserted, which is anything in game that is an item, obviously
And roots are multiple tables that are in the same spot, such as police department spawning prisoner clothes and cobras which are in two different tables? I’m not really sure I’m trying to get the grasp of this really

Well, how about the actual .dat file? for a multiplayer server, what am I going to actually edit for the server itself like a config.dat or something that is similar?

I just cannot seem to understand the exact difference between Roots and Tables, I have ideas and other guesses on how it actually works but I don’t want to just guess it all the time.

I don’t really know how to explain it but the difference between Roots and Tables is whether you are inserting your new table into an existing one or adding an item that the new one can spawn. Roots are the parent of a spawntable, and Tables are the children of them.

If you want Police_High to have a high chance to spawn MREs instead of any other item, you can have a Table asset ID of 81, a Root of 548, and a weight like 50 or 75 in this file.

If you want to add items to spawns on a server, you’ll make a dat file like the one above and upload it as a mod.

So it’s like,

The Police-High is the ID right under “Type Spawn”
When broken down, roots are a bunch of tables and with a chance the root will pick a table and then insert it in the map, or spawning.

and the weight is obviously the spawning addition? It’s not really 0-100 is it? or is it based on how many roots there are?

Or does the roots carry the like, high and low police station ids?
Then, what does the ID under the Type spawn mean, is it optional so that the other files just don’t cross and collide with each other?

So, that’s it? I make a new .dat file and upload it to workshop?

Additionally, I must specify the amount of roots and tables there are in the file, as specified
Roots 2
Tables 2

And does it also matter the numbers of the
Can I just go like, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and so on?

On top of that, does adding more roots add those to the buildings?
For example I want to add a suturekit to the pharmacy but additionally to hospital too.
Do I make it so like, Root_0_Spawn_ID enter the pharmacy’s ID
And, Root_1_Spawn_ID enter the Hospital’s ID

So when I make a table in that one table is added to both roots, so 2 roots use one table.

Plus, do I have to make spereate .dat files in order to seperate the higher tiers from lower tiers?
For example, I would like to make a level 1 backpack spawn in a household or a school but I don’t want them to use the same table because I don’t want a level 2 backpack to spawn in a school, never.
Do I just make them a seperate file, like I said.

And does the name of the dat file all that importnat for unturned to read it? Or does it just read the code?

The weights are relative to each other, I don’t know the exact range of values that you can use though but you can do anything from 0 to somewhere in the thousands. The documentation suggests they can be negative, don’t know if that is correct or what the use would be.

If you want the percent chance to spawn, it’ll be the individual weight divided by the total of all the weights within that table.

The weight on the roots add the spawntable to the root with that weight. Using Police_High, you could add your spawntable to it with a weight of 100, making it an equal chance alongside the regular spawns that also have a weight of 100.

It is the ID of that spawntable, like how 548 is Police_High. I believe it is required although in the future you may only need the GUID generated by the game.

The numbers should be in order from 0 to n-1, if you have Tables n. I accidentally jumped from Root_0 to Root_2 on my example.

Yes to both

The name must match the folder the dat goes in. It doesn’t truly matter, but the name will be the one you see if you check the spawntable ingame.

The Type spawn represents the ID of that spawntable already, would the extra addition of
Root_0_Spawn_ID Enter the ID of the Type spawn’s ID here.

Is this necessary? or when is it necessary, like when there are more than 2 Roots?
It’s really confusing because I’m thinking that the example you gave me earlier says that
ID 1234

And then Root_0_Spawn_ID has 540. I feel like when I enter a custom number in there I would have to go put that special ID I have made inside the map using the editor.

For the weights on items, so it sums upp al the items’ weights and just makes percentages out of them
Example, One item has a weight of 63 and the other is 7, they make up to 70
The first item is has 90% and the second has 10% if that’s how it works

Also the numbers should be in order from 0 to n-1, do I add a plus or a negative to the previous number?

Roots are only needed if you are adding a new spawntable to one that already exists.

The Root does that, it adds ID 1234 to spawntable 540. Anywhere you have the 540 spawns in the map, your new 1234 Tables will be added to those spawns.


If you have Tables 3, the prefixes for Asset/Spawn_ID and Weight will be:

So I can just put whatever ID I would like on it unless it’s colliding with another ID inside that spawntable.

I have made all the configs and the assets & weights in the format you have shown me and I uploaded it into steam workshop. For the current status it is visible to everyone and is past steam’s malicious code check, Also in the WorkshopConfig file. There are no errors in the console yet on the servers’ page my mod, (for context it is in the localiztaion category) it is not visible or it’s not appearing on the mod list in game, the server page.

I have tested it with max spawns and checked every single spawn location possible but I did not encounter any items I have set up.
I can get them via /give command so I know they’re in the game

The ID at the beginning is an ID like any other item in the game, it shouldn’t collide with any other spawns regardless of being in the same file.

I checked the workshop item and it appears to work fine in my own files, I think it has something to do with how you uploaded it. There are three things I want you to do and it should be working.

  1. Place each spawn file in a folder with the same name as the dat.

Instead of this:
Do this:

  1. Launch Unturned and check each dat file, if the game adds a GUID line then that file was successfully loaded.
  2. Reupload the spawns as Item instead of Localization.

I believe Localization is a special case and the game doesn’t look there for regular assets. In the past, Item was used as the default asset type whenever there wasn’t a more appropriate one available.

I have placed them in their seperate folders with their names on their specified folders, but they did not recieve a GUID. In the steams workshop folder that is.

But now it’s visible in the server’s page but it does not affect actual drops, tested in military and police stations on 0.9 drops in the config file

Additionally there is a Localization meta file, inside when it’s downloaded but it’s blank, same with Item.meta

Forgot about the meta file, delete the Localization one, it should be blank inside and you may have to reupload with it removed. Try seeing if the GUIDs generate with only the Item meta file in the mod before reuploading.

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Thanks a lot, I’ve got it


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