Special zombie abilities

3.0 has special zombies: Groundpounder, Burner Zombie, Lightningstrike, Nuclear Spitter, Acid Spitter, Flanker, Spirit and buffed one.

Can we make either unique weapons/devices or just enhanced existing versions of melee, firearms or armor.

example:(groundbreaking enhanced melee, bio flamethrower, legitimate way to make shadowstalker or just electrified weapon, nuclear flamethrower, acid sprinker, short time cloaking device, short time invulnerability against bullets, exoskeleton)

Making would require capturing them and extracting the essence of their unhuman power in special science chamber for our amusement.
But you would have to capture and extract more essence to repair and recharge your toys.




Instead of “extracting essence” from mega and boss zombies, I think it would work better to have virus samples collected from labs and zombies, with more powerful zombies dropping more samples when they die. A large quantity of virus samples could be used to poison ammunition, melee weapons, and traps, not causing high damage or damage over time, but causing decreased immunity.


I don’t personally see how that fits the survival-based concept… 3.0 ? Sure, but i don’t think that’s happening in 4.0


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