Spectate option arena

i think it will be a great idea for seeing whats are your friends doing while you are dead

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yeah a spectator option for arena will be cool(when you come to an arena server and the match have already started it’s boring to still in teh spawn to run without having an adea of whats happening in the match)

I do not think it is a viable option. It would give teams an extra advantage as they can tell each other where the enemy is. As if teams in Arena aren’t in an advantage already.

Teams can be disabled/limited though. If a server has restricted teams to only two people, or even disabled groups outright, I’d like to spectate. (Of course, people could still technically be “teaming” without groups enabled.)

If it was a big concern, spectating could be limited to group members only, or to first-person only, or to just a copy of their camera entirely (so even if the server was third-person only you’d only be able to see what they see at any given moment, you’d have no control over the camera orientation). A bit more of an extreme counter, but it could just be something you could turn off (or modify it?) on your server, like some other arena features currently.


I wasnt thinking at a free camera on a player that will be op so better it should be stuck at what the player is looking at.