Spectator mode for dead players in arena and admins for any mode?

This would make waiting for a new game to start in arena much less annoying, since we currently have to just wait for the current game to end. It can either be the free camera like what we have currently, or what PUBG and Fortnite has for spectating. I know that admins already have the ability to use free camera, but admins should be able to spectate other players like the spectate mode in PUBG. It would make it much easier to detect and deal with cheaters if BattlEye didn’t get to them first.

the problem with this is that people will tell their friends where the person sniping them is at ect.

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I think if the player isn’t in a group and none of their steam friends are on the server, they could use free camera. Otherwise, it’ll be stuck to PUBG style spectating.

hmmmm interesting might work

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