Spilling the beans about a map i was supposed to make

some time ago (maybe a year and a half or more) i was in the process of making a map with my brother fatsheep who is most know for making the nuke mod and some skins for the game.
he got pretty far, but we are really lazy (me especially) and progress hasn’t been made in quite some time.
seeing how 4.0 is just below the horizon i may as well just give everything to the public
the map was centered around Scandinavia but Norway was the focus, with an oil platform a military base in the north and all major cities in Scandinavia being present.
i only made some assets that were supposed to make it in the game.

Unturned by atlest on Sketchfab

i dont see why you would, but in case Nelson still wants any of these PM me :call_me_hand:

darn emojis not working

It’s like that because the way you made those hyperlinks is complete rubbish.

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i just used the standard sketchfab embed feature, i didnt think it would turn out like that

Haha usually I just let people forget the 4 or so maps I said I was going to create. There’s only one unreleased map that I’d be upset if it was cancelled and that’s Russia Insane

my brother was talking to nelson at the time tho, it was supposed to be a curated map that added new weapons and vehicles like germany

germany was an official map made by nelson, it wasnt curated

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Well, it still added weapons and vehicles

I guess thats true.

sorry, long time since i’ve played unturned so i guess i forgot that. russia was the map i was thinking of

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