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Unturned 4.0 Suggestions
Customizable options on cars. Interchangeable options on cars like different engines, armored/bulletproof tires, spiked tires, and makeshift tires. Possibly mirrors? Window tints, like weak glass, one way, or bulletproof. These could be found at a car dealership, or mechanics, like tires and batteries. Placeable radio stations? You could tune the radio frequency and, others could hear it, maybe building or ‘hijacking’ a satelite tower for others to tune into and hear, sound quality gets better or worse depending on range. Painting on cars? Something like ghillie, dirt, etc. Maybe front attachments like bumpers, or spikes, possibly a ram, or bulldozers could easily run through weak bases, or destructibles. Possibly armored doors, doors could fall out, makeshift doors? Car Physics/Dynamics currently in the game is something that has annoyed me.Such as randomly start bumping up and down, more and more, and possibly more realistic falling for cars, like going off a ramp and gliding like they do in the movies, or real life for that matter. Drifting, such as shift, or space+W+A/D. I know this is in your 4.0 wishlist, but skid marks and tire screeching. Car collisions would be nice, instead of them glitching out, and not doing any damage to each other. Cars that aren’t specialized in off-road will have a harder time getting around. All wheel driving for certain cars would also be cool. Other -Different types of vehicles? -Different transmission types, manual, paddleshift, etc. -Police cars would have built in radios, and sirens. -Shooting at engine would require maintenance on the engine, if not, the car would slow down, and have trouble moving.
-Like in the wishlist, critical parts to hit the car.
-If a car is revved to high for too long, the engine could overheat/blowup -Changeable Oil
-Roads would be slippery, and windows would be covered in rain, windshield wipers?? -REALISTIC CAR SPEEDS? Something that is ridiculous is that cars usually only get up to speeds of 100kmh, which is only 60mph, which isn’t to fast. Adjustable speeds for cars?
-Fuel efficiency is different for vehicles
-Kamikaze vehicles?

Clothing! -If to have magazines in your vest, they could be visible externally. -Cosmetics may overlap?
-Heavy clothing can make you too hot, and too little clothing can make you cold depending on the map, and area around you.
-More dynamic ghillie suits, not so easy to see. -Better makeshift clothing, find cloth and make own clothing?
-Blankets?? I honestly think it is a longshot, but making a warming, and or a ghillie blanket could help with combat, making it even harder to see you.
-Gloves would also be cool, brass knuckles, and could aid in fighting/melee combat.
-Footwear, harder to walk up places without hiking boots, mili boots, track shoes, etc.
-Takes time to put on certain clothing
Combat -Hand to hand combat is more dynamic than just punching with left and right hand, struggling in a wrestle, e.g. coming up behind a sniper and strangling them, rolling around, fighting, etc. Uppercuts can knockout, leaving them stunned for a couple seconds. Melee combat, serrated, extra sharp, dull, and or blunt weapons can deal other things, example stabbing someone with a serrated weapon would leave a worse wound, and bleeding out, extra sharp weapons could clear through a zombie or player, or piercing through armor, blunt or dull weapons could stun. Combat in different ways, more than just right/left clicking. Jumping on top of players and having them struggle would be something, and hidden knives/contraptions. -Throwable items, i know it sounds kind of weird, but being able to throw knives, spears, etc. and have drop-off damage. Different types of grenades, incendiary (Molotovs), certain smoke grenades would need a gas mask to get through, like mustard gas, impact grenades would also be cool, proximity grenades, and better landmines, claymores, etc. -Non gun-ranged weapons, more dynamic bows, crossbows, like grenade launchers? Pull back bows longer for more range and, more damage.
-Gunplay/ballistics, actual damage drop-off, weapon stability is reduced after sprinting, ricochet off of certain helmets, materials, or vehicles, armor piercing could be a thing, or shooting through a spot that has already been damaged, leaving a hole in the armor, like bullet hits on cars. Weapons could overheat and loose accuracy and durability, more dynamic durability? Realistic bullet drop -Ammunition, armor piercing, incendiary ammo, explosive ammo, or hollow point bullets? -Nightvisions, different colored night visions, and nightvision binoculars, and extremely end game thermal vision scopes, goggles, and binoculars? use mud to cover self, ‘cloaking’ yourself to hide heat.
-Guns, More types of guns, instead of just Military, Ranger, and civilian, possibly end game “alien” weapons, like shadow stalker, mk1&2,
more DMRs, extreme CQB, NERF VONYA AND HONEYBADGER, more attachment points, Dragunov, SKS With stripper clips, MK11 or Scar H, longer range guns, anti vehicle rifles, guided missiles on vehicles, anti air?? heavy machine guns on germany mg42 mg30, tow weapons? old World War II weapons, etc. military surplus weapons, more pistol use, other than non stop using smg, dual wielding pistols is balanced with smg, DPS wise?

Environment! Denser forrest, trees are mostly out in the open, can climb trees and use as ambush/sniping location? Forrest fires can start, and wooden buildings could burn down. Different sized trees and can climb trees with rope or spikes. Dig underground to make bunkers?? Stone could be a building resource? Destruction to certain buildings, more destroyables?
See damage on trees, like cuts a beaver would make? cut down limbs of trees? A full tree would fall and cut it up for logs
More variety and use in animals, camels in desert map?? natural vehicles, horses, etc.
Dig to find older weapons, possibly bombs, this is definitely not a minesweeper reference.
Campfires don’t last forever

-Dynamic Eating! I suggested this on a bug report, but being able to eat in stages, something along the lines of the dynamic healing, eat in stages, rather than instantly. Also consuming parts of the food, and saving for later, e.g. eating a sandwich, only having half, put it away, and save it for later, like water, chips, etc. -Use for frying pans?
-Placeable food that you can take from
-get drunk and blackout?
-keep cans from canned food, can openers lol?
-MREs take time to make? Take things out of MREs and eat them over time? Portable cooker, like the heat in real MREs?
-Water Purifier?

Certain abilities can be gained using experience, not just limited to upgrading damage, stability, and healing, etc. Certain skills like wall running, tree climbing, and dual wielding can be acquired, using a certain system, like a skill tree
More dynamic parachutes/gliders, deployable parachute?
Usable raw explosives, not as strong as charges, but still detonatable, lighters?

not all of this was copied correctly, and i spent some time editing it, hope someone hears this

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