SplitScreen Help

I recently unlocked access to Unturned II and when I tried out the split screen feature in a map I could get the players working and could walk around and play. But when I tired to use my inventory to pick something up or use the menu I couldn’t click anything and when I tired using my keyboard and mouse it still didn’t work and I had to restart the game to get back. Does anyone know how to get split screen to properly work? And also I have dual monitors but I am unsure as of how to put both players side to each one.

Hopefully someone can help me with this, and if so thank you in advance.

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I think it is currently impossible to have the split-screen take over 2 monitors, but the rest is probably just buggy. I don’t have a controller to play it split-screen, but when I activate it player 1 has complete functionality.

This. Not too sure if that’ll ever work. I can see it being an option but unless UE has that built in (to some extent it is, but not fully afaik) it’d be a pain to make.

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