Spray Paint

use cans of spray paint to spray emotes or ready-made phrases like “stop” or “enemy territory”.

Why not just use signs or placards?

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é uma opção mas as latas de spray ocupam menos espaço no inventário.

Please try to speak English when you’ve already shown that you can.

It would be great, but instead of painting walls it would be better if it gets ark like mechanics where you use a paintbrush to paint on signs.

I changed the title to reflect the post better, I hope you’re fine with this.

I think that the cans of spray paint should be able to repaint vehicles/barricades/walls and various other items, maybe even to apply colorful sprays onto guns.

i think the purpose of the spray paints can be good becouse you can spray paint your base and make it camouflaged in the wood or even spray paint your weapons to make it camouflaged when you are sniping.

I prefer the ghillie net method we already have. And for guns, there could also be a slot for ghillie wraps.


Ghille netting is kinda worthless TBH. They really only work at a certain distance, where they are loaded but it’s not obvious that’s a base there.

I guess the only fix for that would be the guns being obligatorily rendered alongside attachments, counting netting as an attachment

Guns don’t have this problem xd, I meant bases xd

Oh alright, but actually in guns it’s more of a problem since you need to get much closer to the person for the attachments to render in 3.0

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Well,I’m sure that a bright coloured marking is going to be more easily seen from a distance than a tiny sign or placard.

every server would just be pictures of penises drawn onto bases and stuff though

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Not necessarily was thinking about things like you can write anything colorful however the Emotes and symbol are already ready and you can choose things like skulls, stop sign, danger.

hmm, i mean placards are a thing (and so are unicode symbols) so if you want a skull in 3.0 you can just place a placard and put a unicode symbol

:skull_and_crossbones: << -10 character limit-

Emotes you say?:thinking:

. . :oil_drum:
. . :oil_drum:
. . :peach:

and the classic creative server swastika spam

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this is why unturned exists

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