So I was thinking about spraying,grafitti i mean, We’d be able to customize more of our bases,vehicles, like just coming with a mounted lmg on the top of an ural that has a shark paint on the front. But FREELY customizable. Like you spray with a virtual pencil or something, not like choosing what to be on a vehicle and than boom. With it, some chalk would come in handy for rp… If Nelson reads this, then please comment, it would be a honor.


Nelson has mentioned it once, but i don’t sure if he’s going to implement it.

If you can chose what you paint, with a draw tool… It will cause a lot of immature stuff to be painted. By little kids who think it’s funny.


If this is implemented, there should be a spray can with an option for what to spray. I.e. premade designs so there is no inappropriate stuff.


Cs go inspired :wink:

1: Won’t happen it would be easier for Nelson just to have some preset sprays.
2: Immature people who think it’s funny to spray nude pictures.

Cs go has pre set sprays no nude pictures hahahaha

Yeah lol…

Sounds like a cool idea, I agree on the preset sprays but I think there should be a way you could draw something and submit it to be accepted to the preset list. Maybe the drawings could be community voted and after certain amount of votes gets put on the list for players to spray.


Well, then you would have a bunch of memes, new and dead, and all the other pic would be dic’s or something. The community is mainly younger. I think Nelson should choose them or trusted community members.

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Great idea, like maybe have a game folder that you can put in custom art? as well as just a bunch of random stuff, like ace-of-spades, skull head, shark mouth, etc.

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