Sprinting is Broken (in toggle mode)


I find sprinting in toggle mode really nice since a couple of week. There is one problem it doesnt work in unturned.

If u sprint for the first time it’s fine but if you release W you stop and if you then walk and hit the sprint button (shift in my case) it Won’t sprint. I have to press it again.

I think this is of the algorithim works like this:
Player walks and presses shift: sprinting = true
Player stops walking: walking = false, sprinting = true (this is where fix need to be)
Player walks and presses shift: walking = true, sprinting = false (you turn it off with this shift)
Press shift again: walking = true, sprinting = true

I hope this helps everyone and the one and only Nelson

This is my first topic so be kind xD. If someone sees I made a typo pls correct me, english is not my best.
I am Merijn happy unturned player from Holland.
I have 600+ hours

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No one cares

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The only thing that matters for you @Captain.Stars is that he writed that ? Couldn’t you just atleast give your opinion about his suggestion instead of giving a bad attitude.

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[10 char]

I only put that there to say: ‘hey im not a guy who just says this game is Broken but likes to play it aswell’

those types of people are easily identified here in the forums, so it’s not needed to add your game-related details, but nice post nontheless

Given that sprinting consumes stamina (and quite fast at low levels of Exercise), sprint toggle should be removed completely in my opinion. Toggle abilities that have resource pool drain will never function all that well.

Thans for your opinion!
When I don’t have high exercize I Will sprint in hold mode, when I have some skills and need to make a langer run I prefer toggle mode