Sprinting/Running Mechanics in 4.0

Giant open world maps are great, but I think that you should add infinite sprinting, at a cost. I feel like Nelson should add this because the world is gonna keep on getting bigger and bigger and it can be very time consuming to be running a lot making vehicles a necessity. I feel like you should make it that you can run forever, but in order to run faster for a limited amount of time, you would need things like soda, or energy bars. This would be like pubg’s running system and would greatly reduce the need of vehicles a lot. In order to make vehicles useful, I would make them be a lot faster, as well as providing storage space.

This is an survival game. Not Assassin’s Creed. Infinite sprinting is overpowered.

He meant infinite running (like jogging), sprinting is limited

Well, if it’s an expensive skill… ok

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