Stacking bleed effect




As we all know not all injuries are created equal.
But currently they all bleed equal, and in my opinion. That’s a bit of a problem. Why does a small cut bleed at the same rate as multiple gunshot wounds?
Seems pretty weird right?

Levels of bleed

The way I suggest that we fix this is pretty simple.
Have multiple levels of bleeding.
The more you get injured the higher it goes up. And different weapons start at different stages. Multiple small cuts would have the same effect as gunshot wound.

Level 1. A small cut

The first level would be a pretty week bleed, only a hitpoint a second. These would actually be rather hard to obtain as you’d much more often get a larger cut. But things like melee weapons, or even some smaller animals would fit in here.

Level 2. Small gunshot or stab wound

Initial bleeds in this level would be dominated by pistol caliber guns and sharp melee weapons. They would be a much more considerable threat but still a little bit weaker then 3.0s current bleeding.

Level 3. Rifles

Low caliber rifles, such as assault rifles or hunting rifles would start in the third level. This one being slightly faster then 3.0s bleeding. You better stop that bleeding rather quickly or you are gonna be having problems.

Level 4. High cal and Explosives

High caliber rifles and Explosives would obviously create big wounds in your body and the speed at which you bleed should reflect that. Now explosives wouldn’t always give this level of bleeding, if you are at the edge of the blastzone you’d only get a minor bleed. But if you are right at it, this is where you would start. And you better get something to stop that bleed quickly, because this one goes fast.

Level 5. Ridiculous speeds

If you where the Usain Bolt of bleeding, this is where you’d be. Nothing could instantly put you here, but if you sustain enough hits and somehow survive you’ll come up here. You’ve got no time to waste. Being around double the speed of 3.0s bleeding you don’t got a lot of time to wait around.


Another thing about bleeding is that you don’t just fix it all with a little rag.
Different medication would have different effects. The higher you go in quality and rarity the more levels it would stop. For example, a rag would only fix one level but a dressing would fix three.

But not all medication are made to permanently stop bleeding. With multiple uses and quick application I now introduce. Tourniquets!
These cheesy buggars temporarily stop up to 4 levels of bleed. They’d have a relatively short application time but wouldn’t last forever. In about 15 minutes they’d fall off. But if you manage to completely stop your bleeding in that time, you’ll get it back, and be able to use it once again another time.
This would display it’s only status effect symbol. Looking similar to the bleeding one but with a line over it indicating that it’s not deadly.


A system with different levels of bleeding would add to realism as well as providing a slightly more advanced medical system without damage on individual body parts.
Smaller wounds would make slower bleeding and worse medication would fix less levels and vise versa. You’d also be able to temporarily stop bleeding with some healing items, such as tourniquets.


“It’s long so it must be good” -danaby2


couldn’t agree more


I like this stuff a lot, would be pretty cool to have


I give this post a
“good idea”


A long post with a good suggestion, and makes perfect sense. Nice


I like the idea, but i feel like there are too many levels
for example level four “explosives and high cal”. This may lead to a sniper headshot through helmet killing you, or a landmine ending your life.

Mabye a low bleed and a high bleed (only two levels)

Mabye a zombie hit and blunt melee would give low bleed and everything else would be medium bleed (same rate as now)


level 5 should’ve been called “Straight to plaid”


Well, typically when you step on a landmine you lose a leg or your life. And most modern sniper rifles are designed to go straight through that helmet.


Most sniper rifles are designed to fire a standard cartridge. Those that fire a non-standard cartridge do so for greater subsonic performance, (like 9×39mm,) greater effectiveness at further range, (like .338 Lapua) or both, (like .510 Whisper)




Obviously, but this is a game. how awful would it be to just lose a week old character because you mistepped on a landmine or someone sniped you from 300m away with one bullet ; no chance to react.


Well if someone hits you in the head from 300m with a high cal bullet it should be a one shot kill and you should not be given the chanse to take cover and heal, you should be dead.


Yes but how frustrating will that that be, instantly losing all your progress in a split second, with nothing you could have done about it. Nelson made snipers not one shot head shot for a very good reason


Well thats the point, if you get someone by suprise and take a good shot that recuiers skill i think you should be rewarded with an instant kill, because now it dosnt mater if your an amazing sniper because there is still no garante that you get them sinc they have time to take cover and heal


I’d rather just be killed outright than bleeding out so quickly that you likely won’t have time to apply a bandage anyways.


delayed and guaranteed failure is far more frustrating then instant failure


A good sniper should be able to take a quick second shot. A good sniper should use their literal invunarability at ranges more than 210m to their advantage


I see what you mean, but right now it feeals like the game rewards more spamming than good placed shots, and if you shoot someone in the head with a 50. cal they should be dead even if they have a helmet


Thats survival games for you. If you don’t like it, then dont play survival games. You have to be smart about where you go, where you walk, and who you trust on survival games, you cant just run into town and expect to not get shot because you made a bad play and walked out in the open.